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At Vinterior, we are proud to be able to feature experienced and vetted sellers of upcycled chests of drawers on our online marketplace. An upcycled chest of drawers can be that extra touch to a bedroom which sparks the wow-factor. They can be an individual piece of furniture that you would never find anywhere else. For some incredible examples, explore our listings now and see what creative craftsmen and women have made for your consideration. The styles and designs of upcycled drawers for sale can vary greatly, yet each one has its own distinct sense of identity.

What does an upcycled chest of drawers look like?

Upcycling is the process of taking damaged or abandoned items and working on them to make them better than they were in their original condition. The upcycling process is not specific to any particular period or style; instead the design is only limited by the imagination of the creator and the materials available to him or her. As a result, the selection of upcycled items you will find listed in our catalogue can range from unusual table lamps made from car headlamps to coat hooks made from old sink taps.

In the case of our chests of drawers, upcycling can entail anything from a new lick of paint and some shiny new metal handles through to the creation of drawers from something with a completely different previous life – such as an old filing cabinet or even a solid wood drum. In other cases, landscapes may be hand painted on to them, mosaics may be added comprising of different materials, or brighter colours may be incorporated by other means such as spray painting.

Why an upcycled chest of drawers?

Choosing upcycled furniture gives you a piece that is truly unique and individual to your home. Obtaining such an item will make for great conversation as people ask about its history and discuss its exceptional charm.

Upcycled chests of drawers that maintain the character of the period they herald from are an ideal addition to any home looking for that worn materials effect. You are also not going to be worrying constantly about the children or the pets damaging something, as the more “well-used” look is something that works in this item’s favour. Strategically placed minor scuff marks already seem to adorn some of this furniture, an intended feature of many upcycled works which adds to their “distressed” charm.

With all upcycled purchases there is the benefit of helping the environment. Purchasing an upcycled chest of drawers doesn’t just recycle materials that might have ended up in the ground, it also reduces your reliance on the manufacturing process, which helps to ultimately reduce the carbon footprint of your home.

Want to see some upcycled examples?

If you like the sound of an upcycled chest of drawers and want to see what’s currently available, simply have a browse of the different styles and designs – all made by exceptional craftspeople. Our marketplace is also a great resource for those needing inspiration so why not take a peek at what’s on offer, even if you aren’t sure if the upcycled look is quite right for your interior design project.