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The olden days looked so glamorous in Hollywood, where even taking a journey was stylish. Films such as The King and I showed that journeys across the ocean were a very different experience to the modern day. Forget about lugging an unsightly suitcase around, though; these were the days of steamer trunks. Vintage steamer trunks are effortlessly elegant and although they might no longer be used for transport, their beauty is appreciated in different ways. Steamer trunks can be used for decor all around the home, making the most of their stunning craftsmanship and classic good looks. Here at Vinterior we’ve got a range of vintage steamer trunks in all shapes and sizes. From flat-top to domed, let our collection of steamer trunks inspire your style.

The beauty of steamer trunks

In the olden days, if you wanted to travel on a long journey, you’d have to go by steamer ship – hence the name of this style of trunk. These trunks were also used for long train journeys too so they had to be robust enough to protect your belongings and arrive intact.

Steamer trunks come in a variety of shapes and sizes; the more traditional types had a flat top but there were also domed trunks too.

The one thing that all steamer trunks had in common is their solid construction and robustness. With a strong wood interior, steamer trunks might be upholstered or covered with ornate paper, canvas or leather. Reinforced with slats for additional protection, steamer trunks were a heavyweight item.

Often finished with a metal lock, the difference between a regular trunk and a steamer trunk is that they were designed to be transported rather than left stationary, and this meant that the inside of the trunk would typically be segmented for practicality while on the move.

How to use vintage trunks in your home decor

Steamer trunks have a stunning, timeless appeal and can be used around the home in lots of different ways. To keep it simple, you could simply use the trunk as stylish storage but rather than hiding it away, you could make a real feature of it. This is helpful if you are short on storage in your home and don’t have cupboard space.

Flat-topped steamer trunks of all sizes can make an excellent vintage-style coffee table, too. Couple this with some antique maps on the walls and you’ll give your room a sense of exploration and adventure.

Some types of steamer trunk have been upcycled to make them suitable for different forms of storage. For instance, they can be adapted to stand on one end with clothes hung vertically from a retro-fitted rail – making them quirky little wardrobes. Some of our steamer trunks have also been adapted to turn them into perfect cocktail bars, with room for both glasses and bottles.

The classic appearance of a vintage steamer trunk means it will flatter many rooms in your home, matching with all types of decor. From your study to your bedroom, and the living room too, it’s a versatile item that works well with other retro pieces.

Discover vintage steamer trunks with Vinterior

At Vinterior we love retro and antique furniture and accessories and we’ve got a wonderful array of vintage steamer trunks. Leather, canvas and metal designs can all be found in our online catalogue together with a variety of other vintage goods to suit your home. Have a browse through today and find your perfect piece.

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