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Vintage Home Decor in London

Discover our vintage home decor London collection and transform your home with local kitchenware, home accessories and mirrors in your area. We’ve got budgets, styles, materials, and home decor to suit every home. So go on. Treat yourself to some local 18th century wine glasses, some handmade vintage vases or an eye catching art deco mirror.

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  • What kind of vintage home decor should I buy?

    At Vinterior, we love all things vintage and all things interior design. That’s why our London collection of home decor won’t let you down.

    Whether you’re looking for 18th century kitchenware, such as jugs, teapots and plates. 19th century accessories such as vintage signs or clocks for your living room. Or you want 20th century mirrors to make your study feel more spacious. We’ve got just what you need.

    Kitchenware is practical and essential in every home. It can also be an excellent way to decorate your kitchen cupboard.

    In our collection you’ll find silverware, bowls, serving dishes, and so much more. Mix and match your kitchenware materials by pairing porcelain plates, silver dishes, glass jugs, and crystal wine glasses.

    Add some charm and character to your home with our London accessories. We’ve got thousands of vintage vases, pots and planters and candle holders just waiting to be loved. And with vintage accessories for less than £50, there’s something for every budget, every home and everyone.

  • How to style our vintage home decor London collection

    Our extensive collection of vintage home decor in London means you’re bound to find pieces that complement the style you’re currently rocking.

    When it comes to styling your home decor, you can be as creative as you want.

    Go ahead and mix styles and materials. We recommend pairing an industrial glass coffee table with an antique porcelain Chinese vase.

    Or keep it classic and stick to the same styles. Art deco enthusiasts will find a variety of kitchenware such as colourful glasses that will look stunning when displayed in an art deco sideboard with glass doors.

    Decorate your home with some of our vintage mirrors. Mirrors make for beautiful home decor pieces. And they can also add more light and create the illusion of more space. We’ve got plenty of mirror styles to choose from, including mid-century modern, shabby chic, industrial, postmodern, art deco and many more.

    Shopping for vintage home decor in London helps to lower your environmental impact. Some might even say you’re a bit of a hero for reusing home decor, supporting local businesses and keeping your furniture mileage down.

    And if you’re looking for even more? Browse our full collection of gorgeous vintage home decor.