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Vintage Kitchenware in London

Find a piece of treasure in our selection of vintage kitchenware in London. Whether it’s a decorative or a functional piece you’re after, you’re sure to find what you need here. These stunning pieces are made from the best materials, including silver, glass, ceramics and porcelain. They’ll beautify your home and form part of your dream interior.

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Vintage kitchenware in London

Love kitchen goods from around the world? And across the ages? Find impressive pieces of vintage kitchenware in London from our extensive range. Whether you’re seeking an ornate bone china plate, a vintage canteen of cutlery or a Victorian butter dish, have a browse of our London kitchenware selection for inspiration.

Our range of vintage kitchenware in London spans the ages from the 17th century up to the present day. Explore items in art deco, mid century modern and Scandinavian modern styles to create a vintage haven in the British capital.

Vintage jugs, jars and tins

Serve up liquids in our lovely jugs. Ranging from dainty ceramic pitchers to large stoneware flagons. These pieces are excellent for displaying plants or glasses on a vintage sideboard or table. Storage jars and tins can be used for food or trinkets, or simply as ornaments. They’re a fantastic way to introduce some vintage kitchenware London to your home.

With elegantly curved handles, gilt detailing and hand painted motifs, these receptacles make stunning additions to your décor. Keep yours in a glass display cabinets when not in use to show it off.

Vintage silverware

For a resplendent feel, choose vintage silverware from our London vintage kitchenware collection. This range takes in everything from toast racks to champagne coolers and from wine goblets to sauce boats. All in this shiny, hard wearing metal.

Choose from a variety of British regal styles. Including Victorian and Georgian, as well as examples of European silverware traditions.

Vintage bowls

Our beautiful vintage bowls are an excellent option for presenting fruit or storing jewellery and have a whole range of other uses, too. Serve up tapas in a 19th century painted stoneware bowl or place some potpourri on the windowsill in a shallow wooden bowl. These elegant pieces give you plenty of ways to beautify your home.

Look out for bowls that are hand painted with intricate motifs. The popular blue and white ceramics tradition originated in China and was later adopted by European manufacturers. And you’ll find plenty of gorgeous examples in our London vintage kitchenware selection.

Vintage glassware

Glass has long been used in kitchenware for its spectacular look, stability and impermeable nature. Our glassware selection contains glasses, carafes, vases, decanters and plenty more. You’ll find a variety of effects among this glassware, including pieces created by techniques such as cutting, blowing and etching.

Find excellent quality glassware from Murano, Bristol and Waterford. Locations famous for their glassmaking traditions. Love a rainbow look? Choose colourful glass tinted with metal oxides that give attractive shades of blue, yellow, green and red.

Looking for even more gorgeous kitchen items, sold by vendors located outside London? See our kitchenware selection where you’ll find our full collection.