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Adding a shabby chic armchair to your home couldn’t be a more enjoyable and easy process. Timeless and accessible, these pieces have boasted functionality and a place in people’s hearts and homes for decades. Here at Vinterior we have dozens of beautifully crafted and restored pieces for you to browse through. With styles and designs ranging from the classically restored and ornate to magnificently restored pieces with a modernist feel, the one thing that each product has in common is that it possesses true charm and character. Browse our online store today and you are sure to find a piece that fits any aesthetic, style or need you desire.

Why choose a shabby chic armchair?

Creating a shabby chic vibe in your home is all about incorporating elements that are eye-catching, welcoming and have a real sense of presence. In furniture terms that means incorporating pieces that celebrate signs of life and a healthy amount of use. Shabby chic armchairs are no exception.

One of the armchair’s biggest and most compelling things about a shabby chic armchair is that it can be utilised in pretty much any room in the home. It serves a unique need in the space it occupies. The most classic and sometimes the most beneficial placement of an armchair can be in any lounge or living room environment.

Types of Shabby Chic Armchairs on Sale at Vinterior

Whether it’s reading, working or relaxing, an armchair adds a distinct and almost intimate feel to any space. An iconic Queen Anne armchair would be the perfect accompaniment to any ambient areas. These pieces are brim-full of character and comfort, with an ageless sleek design bouncing off the lovingly hand restored and eye-catching fabric on every individual piece. The range of fabric varies from incredibly patterned and detailed to more understated and sleeker pieces. More detailed and shocking patterns will easily slot into any modern home setting while a softer and more understated armchair will complement and add extra charm to any rustic living room or lounge.

If you want your shabby chic armchair to be bold and make a statement this is something that you will find comes naturally from these charming pieces. A vintage late 19th century piece is sure to be a showstopper in any dining or kitchen area. Whatever you choose, shabby chic celebrates true history and personality.

Why shop at Vinterior?

Opting for shabby chic furniture isn’t just a statement of your design intent, it’s also a smart move in other ways. Investing in an older item of furniture is a sustainable way to fill your home, reducing the demand on modern manufacturing and preventing beautiful pieces with a rich history from being sent to landfill. Vintage pieces are also durable and reliable, having proven their ability to stand the test of time.

However, we don’t only deal in vintage. At Vinterior, we also celebrate and sell many contemporary furniture items with all the character and charm you would expect from an antique. We simply look for premium furniture with a story to tell, regardless of age.

From room to room and decade to decade the armchair has stood the test of time and many styles will never go out of fashion, ensuring purchasing a shabby chic armchair would be both an exquisite and ageless addition to your home. Browse our shabby chic armchair selection online at Vinterior today.

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