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The sideboard is an impressive piece of furniture in its own right. This traditional item has found a home in not just a dining room setting but also as a storage unit in kitchens, living rooms and even hallways. If you are looking to store crockery, cutlery, glassware or even kids toys, without sacrificing on style, we have a huge range of stunning sideboards here at Vinterior. Shop our beautiful mirrored sideboards now and discover the vintage, antique and reclaimed furnishings you need to transform your space.

Why choose mirrored sideboards

The final look of a room is defined by several factors. Interiors are, after all, so much more than the colour you paint on the wall. Each part of a room has to work in unison to make the finish as stunning as you envisaged. The colours, patterns, textures, era, style and shade of the furniture you choose can make or break an interior design scheme. While sofas, coffee tables, and dining sets are all classed as furniture musts, thinking outside of the box and going for a furnishing that doesn’t automatically come to mind could just make your lounge, dining room or bedroom extra special. The sideboard is one such item of furniture.

Traditionally used in dining rooms to display dishes before serving and to store dining room supplies, a sideboard is now so much more than its formal furniture typecast. It’s a storage essential in any room and, with countless sideboard styles to choose from, it could become a central part of your scheme. The mirrored sideboard is a particularly powerful item of furniture because (unlike most sizeable pieces) it can actually make a room feel larger rather than make it feel smaller. The mirrored surface serves to reflect light and give a sense of a brighter, more airy room – something that you perhaps wouldn’t get from a deep, rich wooden sideboard. Our mirrored sideboards aren’t just beautiful, they reflect light and create space to make sure the wider home has the support it needs to remain clean and clear of clutter.

Mirrored sideboards, such as those in an Art Deco style, create a welcome contrast with other furnishings that can make a room look weighty and heavy. Mirrored sideboards are also particularly easy to take care of, with the quality of the mirrors that form part of these iconic designs made to last. You’ll find mirrored sideboards in a choice of colours, materials and styles too. Our sleek mid-century, creative art deco and ornately carved Victorian pieces for example are all able to add history and intrigue to your interior.

You’ll also see the stunning and eternally on-trend shabby chic style well represented across our sideboards range. Among our listings you may find our grey, vintage shabby chic mirror sideboard. Sporting a distressed finish and complete with ball and claw feet, this professionally upcycled sideboard embodies the classic and timeless French style to ensure a truly eye catching look. Even the built-in mirror looks ornate thanks to the presence of its original patina.

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Check out the vast choice of mirrored sideboards at Vinterior to find a vintage look that’s not only dazzling and visually stunning but unique, characterful and high quality.

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