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The mid-century, known for everything beautiful and functional, has for years made our homes look glamorous. From dressers, to sofas, to cabinets and accessories, this is era of furniture design made to last. This is even true of more delicately designed pieces, such as mirrors. Mirrors from this period come in many different sizes, shapes and styles, but all possess that element of sophistication and quality that makes the mid-century era so endearing. Mirrors create an airy look even in the smallest of rooms, while also adding a decorative touch to any space. Mid-century mirrors from Vinterior can enhance the look and feel of your home design, so enjoy exploring our vast collection of mid-century modern mirrors today and find the perfect addition to your décor.

Why choose mid-century mirrors?

The clean lines, sleek designs and versatile stylings of mid-century modern mirrors make them fantastic investments for the home. Whether you need a mirror to line your hallway, to sit over the mantelpiece in the lounge or even on the wall in your bedroom, there are few looks that can’t be complemented by mid-century designs.

Mid-century mirrors do, of course, come in the usual array of shapes and formats. Round, rectangular, oval and even more complex shapes are not unusual. There are also wall-hung and freestanding formats. During the 1950s and 60s these mirrors often came in teak, bamboo and various metal finishes. Should you choose to stick to British or Danish designs, the appearance of mid-century designs tends to be pared back and focused on showcasing the quality of the mirror. However, look a little closer and you will always see the quality in a thin teak frame or a slender silver frame surrounding the mirror.

These pieces work particularly well in rooms that follow the mid-century, minimalist look. But a 1950s mirror from brands like G Plan or Erco can work just as well in a Boho, shabby chic or even industrial room.

Incorporating mid-century mirrors in the home

A full height mid-century mirror can look stunning at the end of a narrow entrance hallway, helping light from the front door to flood back into the hallway and give a greater sense of space. Similarly, why not choose a quiet corner of your bedroom as the location for a large, oval freestanding mirror – perfect for getting ready in the morning and equally good at bouncing light into the centre of the boudoir when required.

Why buy mid-century modern mirrors from Vinterior?

If you want to fill your home with space and light, you are in the right place. We have a vast range of mirror styles in our online marketplace. You can go vintage, retro, antique, mid-century, bespoke or contemporary with our mirrors. Every mid-century mirror within our extensive collection has its own unique story to tell and history to be discovered, allowing you to delve into interior inspiration from the comfort of your own home.

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