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The humble mirror is the unsung hero of home design. Not only do they boost the feeling of light and space in a room, but they can also act as a stunning statement piece in their own right. Choosing the right mirror design can instantly elevate the level of luxury in any space, so it’s important to explore the wide variety of designs available. Mid-century design is known for its highly desirable and instantly recognisable style, offering some of the most fantastic home accessories of any era. Discover a stunning selection of mid-century mirrors right here at Vinterior, and find the perfect addition to your home today.

Why choose mid-century mirrors?

Mid century design is that which celebrates the function of an item as well as the form, using features such as slim designs, sleek lines, clean shapes and attractive finishes. Metallic detailing creates the perfect blend of nostalgic charm and futuristic excitement.

Mid century mirrors come in every shape you can think of – round, oval, rectangular and octagonal – with just about every type of surround you can imagine – teak, rattan, bamboo cane, metal, leather and mosaic. There is something to suit every home and every style with sizes to accommodate a range of spaces from very large statement pieces to delicate pieces which fit perfectly in a small room.

Introducing mid-century mirrors into your home

For a period bedroom, there is nothing prettier or more feminine than a mid-century oval mirror with a beautiful metal frame. The softly shaped scalloped metal works with the opulent boudoir look just as it does in a more subtle, minimalist bedroom or even an industrial setting with exposed brick and plenty of metallics. It is perhaps the versatility of mid-century designs that makes it the go-to vintage solution for those looking to embrace heritage style. Metal-framed and teak-framed mirrors are also perfect for brightening up a hallway.

Why not push the boat out and invest in our French dressing mirror by Miroir Brot. The three panels offer both privacy and the option to see from all angles. Each panel moves independently so it is possible to achieve a real precision view. The original glass is framed with brass, a truly elegant piece which will bring quality and a little bit of indulgence to your bedroom. It even folds away if space is limited. A teak framed full-sized mirror or floor standing alternative can offer a more masculine look in a retro bedroom or dressing room.

A gilt sunburst mirror acts as a real focal point above the fireplace and a great location to display a piece of design history from the 20th century. The ornate decoration is the perfect contrast to the clean sleek lines of modernist furniture and light from the fire can really bring the gilding to life and highlight it to maximum effect. For a modern studio space or urban setting, advertising mirrors look wonderfully retro or choose a large painted Venetian mirror from the 1940s – very chic and retro in a contemporary space.

Shop for mid-century mirrors with Vinterior

Here at Vinterior we are proud to be the number one marketplace on the web for heritage and unique furniture items with their own story to tell. Unlike high street furniture providers, the pieces you find in our collection are not mass produced. In fact, every item in our collection has its own personality and character waiting to be discovered. There are many thousands of items available in our collection, ranging from vintage and antique items to mid-century and retro pieces to even bespoke, upcycled and contemporary furniture.

If you’re looking for furniture with charm and quality to spare, you’re in the right place. Get inspired by the Vinterior collection today and discover the perfect mid-century mirror for your home.