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There is no better way to update the look of your lamp than by changing up the lampshade. A lampshade adds glamour to a room as well as to the lamp itself, making it a statement design feature. Lampshades come in different shapes and styles, and with thousands of designs to choose from – including traditional and modern pieces – it can be difficult to know which look to go for. Mid-century lampshades continue to dominate in many modern homes today because of their beauty and elegance. The intricate details that went into making these lampshades remain as impressive today as they did half a century ago, while the form and function of these shades blend perfectly to create the perfect home addition. Discover an illuminating world of mid-century lampshades right here at Vinterior and get inspired to spruce up your home design.

Mid-century lampshades: a brief history

Centuries ago, lampshades were reserved for streetlights. Their purely practical function was to direct the light from the lamps to darker parts of the streets. Thereafter, interior lighting followed and lampshades started appearing in homes for the same purpose of directing light to other parts of the room. The earliest lampshades were made from paper. However in the 19th century, lampshades took on a new look and became more stylish with different material combinations and beautiful patterns on them. Everything from lace, fringe and beads went into making these items more attractive.

With the arrival of the mid-century movement, aesthetic appeal and functional prowess were brought together in perfect harmony. Mid-century furniture follows the mantra that form follows function, meaning every piece from this period must be able to perform its duty to the highest standard. As such, the frills and decorations of past eras were swapped for sleeker, simpler designs more catered to the modern home, creating some stunning lampshades in bold colours.

Introducing mid-century lampshades into your home

Smooth lines, bright colours and sleek silhouettes are all indicative of the mid-century period, and the lampshades from this era are no exception. The stunningly simple designs are well suited to both modern and traditional spaces, blending in while also standing out as a design element in their own right. A vintage mid-century lampshade is the perfect way to make a kitchen or living room feel brighter and more modern, whether through pendant fixtures or floor lamps with a more industrial feel. Shades for wall sconces or table lamps are also great additions to any bedroom, creating a unique yet versatile vibe which can feel both relaxing in the evening and energising in the morning.

Shop for mid-century lampshades with Vinterior

At Vinterior, we have a huge selection of lampshades from across time and place. Within our collection of many thousands of items, you’ll discover everything from antique, vintage, traditional, retro and mid-century pieces to bespoke, artisan, upcycled, repurposed and even contemporary furniture.

Our first priority is the client and we pride ourselves on selling only quality items. Our collection has been carefully chosen from over one thousand trusted sellers and designers, and as such every one of our high quality vintage lampshades tells a story.

Whatever your style is and whichever place you need your lampshade to be, we can help you to create the perfect interior setting. Bring back the mid-century feel into your home with our vintage lampshades. Simply browse our collection and get inspired.