Mid Century Daybeds

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The daybed is a multifunctional small space solution, perfect for using as a sofa during the day and accommodating guests overnight. This versatile piece of furniture takes up little space and can easily be worked into almost any interior, with a range of styles available to suit all tastes. Mid-century daybeds have a classic, understated look, which is what makes them such enduring pieces that continue to appeal to households today. Some daybeds are disguised as sofas, while others take the form of recliners or chaise lounges for a more traditional appeal. Vinterior has a fantastic selection of mid-century daybeds to perfectly suit your needs, whatever it is you’re looking for. Browse the range of mid-century daybeds available here at Vinterior to discover sleek, functional designs that will help you transform your home, with each piece of furniture providing classic style and exquisite comfort.

Why choose mid-century daybeds?

Daybeds are ideal for hosting the occasional guest without having to find the space for a permanent full-sized bed in your home. This innovative piece of furniture allows you create versatile living spaces, whether you need your home office to double as a guest room or your living room to become a comfortable sleeping space overnight.

If you are a fan of mid-century furniture and want to achieve a cool, retro look within your home without taking up too much space, our selection of vintage daybeds offer just what you need. Many of the mid-century daybeds you will find on our site are made up of stunning vintage styles, which have the appearance of a luxurious sofa, allowing them to sit subtly in your living room and act as comfortable seating for everyday use. Equally, you could add a lovely retro recliner to a large bedroom or study, giving you a sleek piece of furniture to relax upon as well a handy second bed for your guests, without compromising on interior style.

The chaise lounge is another stylish option for those with more space to work with and would make a beautiful vintage addition to a classic-style bedroom or dressing room. These traditional pieces of furniture will add a touch of luxury to any interior and are sure to become a talking point in your home.

Mid century daybeds showcase the minimalist look that was so favoured by designers of the day and that is so on-trend now. Boasting clean lines, a juxtaposition of different materials and an overall uncluttered aesthetic, these pieces are stylish and fuss-free. They work perfectly as isolated pieces of furniture or can be mixed and matched with other retro pieces from Vinterior’s extensive furniture collection for a unique, eclectic look.

Shop for mid-century daybeds with Vinterior?

The mid-century daybeds found here at Vinterior are authentic pieces of mid-century modern design, providing unrivalled style and functionality. Every piece of furniture we have listed is the product of great craftsmanship and has a unique sense of style, unlike flat-pack pieces so readily available in the modern day, which provide convenience but are lacking in charm and originality. By choosing vintage furniture, you can create inimitable spaces that are full of personality and style.

Take a look at our selection of mid century daybeds to discover multifunctional furniture that will turn heads. You can also explore Vinterior for more vintage, antique and artisan furniture, to discover not only great products but also a fantastic source of inspiration to help you transform your interiors.