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The mid-century style of making furniture continues to be widely embraced by modern homeowners, with many prominent homes, offices and high-end restaurants featuring a number of mid-century pieces of furniture as a way of creating a sense of luxury. This trend can be traced back to the need for high quality durable furniture for one’s home after the war, evolving into a sleek design movement which took much of its inspiration from Danish design. This is particularly true when it comes to seating. Browse through our collection of mid-century Danish chairs and discover a range of designs that you can use to redefine your home.

The unique features of mid-century Danish chairs

The mid-century movement of the 1940s, 50s and 60s was hugely influenced by the sleek designs being created by Danish and Scandinavian manufacturers, and this is evident in the look of mid-century furniture, particularly seating. The Danish style of making furniture is based on a concept of simplicity and minimalism, with designers geared towards the creation of pieces that not only catch the eye but that also excel in functionality. Mid-century Danish furniture is made out of natural materials such as wood, with some creative designers using oak and walnut to achieve a spectacular look.

To give the mid-century Danish chairs a unique and unmatched look, many furniture pieces are given a handcrafted finish after they leave the factory. This creates a chic final product which feels practical as well as aesthetically pleasing, giving every chair its own individuality. Traditional and modern materials such as plastic, glass, plywood and Lucite were also mixed to achieve a new and sophisticated chair design, taken further with the use of bold colours and experimental upholstery patterns.

Why you should choose mid-century Danish chairs?

Mid-century Danish chairs possess the clean lines and smooth curves that are so often associated with mid-century furniture designs. The use of minimalist materials to make the chairs adds to this, achieving a less bulky shape in order to give the room an airy and light feel. What’s more, bright upholstery and bold colour choices are often used in mid-century design in order to create a sense of thoroughly modern fun and excitement, banishing the cobwebs of more ornate furniture design.

Functionality is key to mid-century Danish design, and as such the fabrics used in making the Danish chairs are filled with soft materials that provide maximum comfort. The mid-century styles of using hard materials that can be curved to mimic the body curves of a human body add comfort and luxury to the chair as well.

Quality and durability is at the heart of furniture constructed in the mid-century era , particularly those with Danish origins. This is part of the reason why mid-century designs have stood the test of time so well, proving popular not just in the UK and Denmark, but across the world to this day.

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