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Timeless Look with the Alvar Aalto Chair Collection

True wellness is built for comfort. One chair that strikes out the most is the classic Alvar Aalto chair; ergonomically sculpted with a lumbar type curvature, it was created with one idea in mind - to help the mind and body.

Psychological and sensual aspects were key elements to Alvar's chair designs. Dubbed the Paimio, the plywood armchair incorporated both and became an icon at Paimio Sanatorium, one of Alvar Aalto's most impressive buildings, nestled in the woods in southwestern Finland.

The distinguished Finnish architect, furniture designer, and town planner forged a remarkable synthesis of romantic and pragmatic ideas. His work reflects a deep desire to humanise architecture and furniture designs through the unorthodox handling of organic forms, sinuous shapes, and rational and intuitive materials.

A celebrated inventor of bent plywood furniture, Alvar distinguished his own style from his meaning of modernism. He made a point of using wood in his designs to add warmth to his projects and a stark connection with local culture.

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About Alvar Aalto Furniture

Alvar Aalto chair furniture designs blend individual expression and local materials. Finnish architect Alvar is the most famous furniture designer and modernist of the 20th century, Young Aalto, as a child, loved to draw, so much so he chose to study architecture at Helsinki University of Technology. Unfortunately, during his uni years, the Finnish War of Independence started; Aalto served time as a soldier; but managed to complete his studies. In 1921, he had the opportunity to travel through Europe and finally returned to his hometown, Jyvaskyla, where he began his own studio. During his European travels, he was exposed to an international style; it was the leading form of Modernism; bringing his inspiration back with him to Finland, he began experimenting with innovative techniques that would become some of his renowned Alvar Aalto chair pieces. Collaborating with furniture manufacturer Otto Korhonen, he developed an L-shaped leg composed of solid bent wood; the leg was assumed the most important part. Aalto called it "the little sister of the architectural column". The L-leg took on a similar role to a building with its weight-bearing function of various horizontal surfaces that could directly affect and support the vertical elements. Aalto's vast array of projects as a multi-skilled designer range from city planning and architecture to furniture, glassware design, and painting. During his career his has designed and collaborated on over 500 buildings and fabricated his L legs in four sizes; the leg brought forward more creations of more than 50 different products, from stools, chairs, benches, and tables to storage furniture. Celebrated as the first designer to use bend plywood, through his career years, his aesthetic evolved through Classicism, International Modernism, and Functionalism; internationally recognised for his complex forms and a deep regard for Finnish heritage, he is one of its most outstanding furniture designers of his time. With his distinct identity, Aalto's furniture designs remain unchanged; their organic qualities are aesthetically relevant as today as ever before, casting a feeling of casual familiarity, making them ideal for a combination of private and public settings. Discover Vinterior's gracefully aged collection of antiques and collectibles spanning over centuries.

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