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The Borge Mogensen Danish Modern Collection

If you search for Spanish chair by Borge Mogensen, a thousand pages return, everyone wants a piece of elegance designed by Mogenson.

From Stolkham pads to London Townhouses, his timeless classics infatuate interior design enthusiasts. His most iconic design, the Spanish chair, paired with a Danish twist.

Easy to style into homes, hotels, cigar lounges, and numerous other settings around the globe, it's a modern classic, visually tranquil, with simple lines and natural elements.

Mogensen proved to other designers it was possible to be innovative using just natural materials, without the need for man-made plastic or steel. His collection inspiration came from all over the world, including different cultures and styles, ethnic arts, Japanese carvings, and historical works. New ideas came to him at any time of the day or night and were scribbled down on matchboxes, table napkins, creased envelopes, or whatever was at hand.

He is one of the most influential designers who shaped Modern Danish design and Fredericia furniture. Mogensen's chair and sofa designs stretches into the thousands.

Shop function-driven designs, organic materials, and character pieces by Borje and create your own declarative, effortless style.

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About Borge Mogensen FurnitureInarguably referred to as the people's designer, Borge Mogensen, a lover of jazz, cigars, and entertaining others with his vibrant personality, started his career at the young age of 20 as a cabinet maker and furniture designer in Aalborg, Denmark.

He attended the Copenhagen School of Arts and Crafts under professor and mentor Kaare Klint before enrolling at the furniture design school at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, where he also served as Klint's teaching assistant.

After graduating as an architect in 1942, he continued to work alongside Klint. He cultivated a profound passion for producing timeless, simple, and function-driven furniture during that time. He also took an interest in designing for people from every social class and demographic; he wanted furniture to be accessible to everybody, not just for the fortunate.

Mogensen believed that furniture should be visually tranquil, modest, and endure generations to come. Acclaimed for his preferred material, wood, and simple, practical lines, he was adamant about creating logical furniture that was functional and clear-cut.

Immediately Mogensen's career took off into full swing.

After graduation, he became the head of design at the Danish Consumers Coöperative Society (FDB), which he held for eight years. Then, in 1950, he decided to open his own design firm, partnering with many famous designers and architects to design furniture and interior decor. One of the most influential designers he met was Andreas Graversen, the founder of Fredericia furniture.

Mogensen's most prolific innovations emerged at Fredericia.

Andreas' devoted support and dedication helped Morgensen fulfill his demands for simplicity and quality; they were both equally passionate about the subject and shared the same desires for exceptional quality and functionality.

Today Fredericia is still the leading producer of his furniture, and their shared vision is still very much alive in their design approach.

Mogensen has received numerous awards and countless recognitions for his work and was one of the handful of designers who helped shape, popularise and lead the "Danish Modern" style.

Explore Borge Mogensen chair and sofa designs that go beyond just "furniture" or a short-lived trend. Pair a piece of his artistic integrity with your decor.

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