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Life sees us accumulate a lot of stuff, from personal belongings to old rubbish you should really clear out. Having a place to put all of your little knick-knacks is vital. Sideboards ensure people from all walks of life, with all interior design tastes and with varying budgets can have access to the storage they need to make their homes as clean and clutter-free as possible. With such storage capabilities however, it can be easy to think that sideboards don’t deliver on style as well. Our range of high and low sideboards prove otherwise. Our low sideboards in particular provide space saving, storage enhancing and clutter-busting furniture options for rooms of all sizes and uses. While larger sideboards are traditionally and popularly used in spacious dining rooms, our low sideboards can be used in other rooms with excellent results. Browse our unique collection of low sideboards today and opt for a super stylish storage solution in your home.

Why choose low sideboards?

Whether you’re going for an oak, walnut or veneer sideboard, or looking for a vintage, antique or reclaimed design, our low sideboards are accessible in a range of styles to complement your selected interior design scheme. Traditionally used to store dinnerware and supplies, sideboards have come a long way since their invention in the late 18th century. While still used in modern diners, sideboards have broken out of the dining room setting to fulfil greater callings in other areas of the home. Low sideboards are one of the more versatile designs.

Generally smaller in height and featuring shorter legs than other sideboard designs, including the highboard items we feature here at Vinterior, low sideboards can double as TV units and display cabinets as well provide generous storage from within. Our low sideboard collection features items from various eras, but it is our mid-century creations that tend to dominate the range.

The mid-century look has never truly gone out of style as it has continued to influence the furniture scene for the last half century. Yet, if anything, the 1950s and 1960s have seen a surge in interest in recent years, with styles indicative of the era once again filling our homes and a number of TV series focusing on this period. As well as using neutral colour palettes, simple lines, and pure form and function to add a touch of mid-century to a space, it’s the furniture pieces (like our stunning mid-century low sideboards) that really make this sleek and crisp look possible in modern day homes.

We provide access to the low sideboards you need to bring the mid-century look to life in your home. Among our listings you may find our Faarup Møbelfabrik low sideboard. Designed by Danish furniture designer Ib Kofod-Larsen, this 1960s sideboard provides the timelessly clean elegance that the mid-century trend is known and loved for. Like all of our mid-century furniture, this low sideboard has a look that helps it standout as a statement piece in its own right as well as the magical ability to sit stylishly amongst other vintage and contemporary furnishings and interior design schemes.

Thinking of going vintage, antique or reclaimed with your low sideboard choice? You’ve come to the right place. We showcase an extensive collection of low sideboards from all eras, meaning you can find the quality, craftsmanship and creativity you need to make every room in your home extra special and stylish. Discover the items, ideas and inspiration you need to complete your look by shopping our low sideboard range.