Georgian Wardrobes

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Along with your bed, a wardrobe is the most important purchase you will make for your bedroom. You need it to be practical with both hanging and drawer space, but you also want it to be elegant and stylish and fit in with your decor. Too large and it will dominate the room and make it feel cramped, too small and it won’t offer the storage you need. Getting the balance right is key to choosing the ideal wardrobe. At Vinterior our range of Georgian wardrobes offers the classy storage solution you are looking for. Browse our collection today.

Why choose Georgian wardrobes?

When looking for a wardrobe you want something that is sturdy and will hold all your clothes without it being ugly and dominating your bedroom. The Georgian period was a golden age for furniture making with the emergence of the master craftsmen such as Thomas Sheraton, Robert Adam and Thomas Chippendale. The furniture of this period was both stylish and beautifully crafted and the wardrobes are some of the finest examples of how practical can still be elegant. A simple bedroom can be elevated with the right wardrobe and as they are built to last, their timeless quality will be with you for decades to come.

Mahogany and oak were the most popular timbers of the period and we have some marvellous examples of waxed woodwork showing off a beautiful patina, adding a warm glow to the bedroom. Opening your curtains to let the sun shine in on your wardrobe to bring out the best of the grain is a fine way to start the morning. Look for original brass back-plates and handles, sometimes with incredible detail, or the carefully shaped bracket feet and bases for that extra touch of quality. There are many storage combinations on offer from hanging rails, coat hooks, multiple different sized drawers and storage slides.

If you are going for the full Georgian look, you may wish to pair with a dressing table in a similar shade or just make the wardrobe the stand out piece in a contemporary decor. The Georgian wardrobe will fit either setting perfectly. A larger bedroom or landing would benefit from some of the more imposing pieces from the earlier Georgian period however no matter how big or small your room, there will be a wardrobe for you to fall in love with.

Whether you are looking for a large, sturdy wardrobe or something smaller that will fit into the corner of your room, you want something that is both quality and that you know will last. The ageless beauty of our Georgian wardrobes coupled with the exquisite craftsmanship of the time ensure that whatever you choose from our range, you are guaranteed elegance and quality.

From a delicate mahogany linen press to an imposing oak livery cupboard you can be confident that you are buying something that has been around for centuries and has matured with age. Beautiful patinas and intricate detailing make the antique wardrobe not just a storage solution but something unique, that you will cherish and admire.

Georgian wardrobes: why shop antique?

Why settle for a modern identikit solution when you can have something that is personal to you and has history and a story to tell? Whatever your storage needs, you will find the perfect solution at Vinterior. Explore our range of Georgian wardrobes to find the perfect piece that will be with you for years to come.