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Gateleg Table

For that perfect combination of space-saving design, beauty and durability, no other surface compares to a vintage gateleg table. Have you been dreaming of creating an elegant dining space, full of charm and warmth, where you can entertain your friends and family with good food and engaging conversation? Does your house or apartment simply not have the necessary space for a large table at all times? Then it's time to invest in a vintage gateleg table.

Gateleg Dining Tables

Why should great dining spaces be found only in big houses? With a gateleg table, you can transform even the smallest living room, hallway or garden patio into an elegant dining area, and then fold the table away once your guests have gone. Easy. And a vintage gateleg table will ensure that your makeshift dining room is bursting with one-of-a-kind character. Visit the varied collection of historical gateleg tables at Vinterior today.

Choosing a vintage gateleg table

There are many benefits to choosing a vintage gateleg table over a modern, mass-produced alternative. Firstly, the uniqueness of historical furniture. Every antique gateleg table in the Vinterior collection has its own history, and therefore its own story to tell, making it a unique conversation piece for any home. Imagine eating your dinner on a table that once sat in the parlour of a London townhouse. That's the kind of one-of-a-kind experience you get with vintage furniture.

What to look for in a vintage gateleg table

A vintage gateleg table will also be very durable, whether it has stood for twenty years or a hundred years. Many of our pieces have been lovingly upcycled or refurbished, either to return them to their former glory or to update their design to better suit modern needs and tastes. This might have involved small updates like a fresh coat of polish and replacement hinges, or it might mean a whole new design in order to combine classic craftsmanship with our modern love of colour and pattern.

This upcycling and repurposing of old pieces and materials makes buying vintage furniture one of the most environmentally friendly ways to furnish your home, helping to lessen your carbon footprint and making your dining area that little bit greener.

Incorporating a period gateleg table and chairs into your home

Before purchasing an antique gateleg table, you need to consider what kind of atmosphere you want to create with it. If you'll be putting it up in your living room, for example, you need to take the room's decor into consideration. The range of gateleg tables available at Vinterior is huge and varied, which means that whatever style of decor you favour, we have a piece for you. If you want to create a dining space that is formal and grand, then a Georgian or Victorian design, made of a handsome and sturdy wood like oak, will help you accomplish that. On the other hand, you may prefer something simple, relaxed and modern, where you and your friends can eat, drink and chat comfortably, in which case a mid century Danish teak design or a shabby-chic farmhouse piece will be more suitable.

Gateleg drop leaf table?

Whatever style or feel you're searching for, a vintage gateleg drop leaf table is guaranteed to bring plenty of character to the space.

Why shop for a gateleg table at Vinterior?

We are highly passionate about vintage furniture at Vinterior. We love the charm, beauty and expert craftsmanship that has gone into designs of the past. We want to preserve the legacy of historical pieces, and fill the homes of Britain with stunning, unique stories. To do that we work only with the most reputable sellers, to ensure our customers get great value for money.

Explore our website now to discover a pre-loved piece that you can treasure for many years to come.