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Even if you only have the most basic knowledge of British furnishing brands, you’ve probably heard the name Ercol at some point. First established in the 1920s by an Italian furniture designer, Ercol was created with the aim of bringing stylish yet affordable furniture within the reach of the public. The pieces were made by skilled craftsmen with close attention to detail and the result is a brand that has been synonymous with quality for the best part of a century. Check out our Ercol shelves today and find something that is perfect for any room of your home.

Why choose Ercol shelves?

All pieces of Ercol furniture can be relied upon for their robust construction and outstanding level of craftsmanship. Ercol shelves are made from quality woods like elm and beech and have an attractive appearance that still looks perfect in any home.

Ercol shelves come in a range of styles and sizes. While some are free-standing units designed to stand alone on the floor of the room, others are designed to be wall-mounted.

While the free-standing units tend to have a chunky and solid appearance, the wall mounted shelves have a classic delicate look that is synonymous with the Ercol brand. Featuring the traditional spindles and curving lines, an Ercol shelf is an elegant and long lasting addition to any room of your home.

Another intriguing addition to the vintage Ercol range is the mobile shelving unit built on casters. This unorthodox and eye-catching adaptation on the traditional shelf takes it halfway between wall storage and sumptuous tea trolley. But whether you opt to use it for books, ornaments a vase or transferring hot drinks, this is a piece that can be an elegant addition everywhere from an office to a living room to a sun room or bedroom.

Buy vintage Ercol shelves for your home and you can be sure that you’ll benefit from a beautiful piece of furniture that will introduce genuine flair into your life. Built to last, you’ll also be getting a durable piece that will stand the test of time.

Ercol shelves: origins of the brand

Originally focused solely on producing chairs, Ercol really came into its own when the Second World War ended and the demand for utility furniture increased. The simple lines and high functionality all fitted perfectly into the Ercol mode of operation, so it was no wonder that the brand’s Windsor chair became a best-seller.

In the 1960s, there was an increased demand for Scandinavian style minimalist furniture. 1960s homeowners were keen to replicate the pared-back style of Northern Europe and Ercol’s ranges once again ticked all the boxes. During this era, the brand began to produce a greater range of items, including shelves, tables and bed frames.

We sell new, too

The Ercol brand is still operating and thriving today, and its quality furniture is just as much in demand among 21st century homeowners as ever before. Many Ercol contemporary pieces also take their inspiration from the original mid-century designs, with the outstanding craftsmanship and quality to match. If a vintage or antique piece of furniture is not of interest to you, browse our collection for a range of new Ercol furniture instead.

Find vintage Ercol shelves at Vinterior

Vinterior’s committed team have a true passion for everything vintage and antique. It’s our mission to help bring you the inspiration you’ve been searching for to add touches of heritage and authenticity to your 21st century living environment. We want to inspire your creative interior design and to help you achieve retro glamour and elegance in every space of your home. Whether you are furnishing your entire home or simply adding a few classic pieces, Vinterior should be your first choice.

Browse our gorgeous furniture selection today and you’re sure to discover the perfect vintage Ercol piece to display your most precious and treasured items in your home.