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If you are looking for stylish and iconic British furniture, the Ercol brand is the one for you. Synonymous with quality design and manufacture, Ercol furniture has been around since 1920 and has been known for its exquisite craftsmanship for decades. Even today, the Ercol brand is popular and still thrives, producing beautifully made furniture for 21st century homeowners. Find a beautiful Ercol chest of drawers in Vinterior’s stunning collection and bring retro style into your bedroom.

Ercol chest of drawers: a brief brand history

Originally, the Ercol brand focused primarily on chair manufacture, having taken over the Walter Skull chair making business in the 1930s. However, during the post-war era, the company began to produce utility furniture items to meet the demand for high quality, robust, practical and yet affordable furniture.

The ‘Windsor’ chair was introduced at this time, and it proved to be a hit with homeowners nationwide thanks to its affordability, style and practicality. It was so successful in fact that Ercol began to expand the range of items they produced to include other types of home furnishing like beds, sofas and chests of drawers.

Why choose Ercol chest of drawers?

The first thing you can expect to see from any Ercol chest of drawers is high quality craftsmanship. The Ercol name is associated with beautiful joinery and woods that would not normally have been used to make furniture. Beech and elm are two of the most common woods used to produce Ercol pieces, and their stylish look remains popular today.

An Ercol chest of drawers is solid, robust and sturdily built to stand the test of time. The grain of the wood is very visible and adds an attractive visually appealing detail to the front of the drawers. The handles are stylish too – the Windsor range is especially known for its iconic oval shaped handles.

Whether you are looking to add a chest of drawers to a bedroom or even a kitchen as an extra form of storage, our range of units can cater for your needs. If you want to recapture a true sense of vintage sophistication in your home, a classic piece is a great choice for you. With a vintage Ercol chest of drawers you can enjoy a slice of heritage in your own home and bring authenticity into your life in the most remarkable way. You can also rely on the solid and sturdy construction to last for many more years to come.

We sell new, too

As a successful brand, Ercol continues to produce eye-catching and high quality chests of drawers today. If you would prefer to buy a new piece rather than a heritage item, look out for our new Ercol items. What they lack in backstory they more than make up for in style and substance. And, after all, keeping hold of these valuable items of furniture means that you will soon have a vintage item of the future

Find A vintage Ercol chest of drawers at Vinterior

Here at Vinterior we are proud to specialise in sourcing and supplying an outstanding selection of beautiful vintage and antique products to make your home a beautiful and unique place to live. We are dedicated to bringing your creative inspiration so that you can design interior décor that perfectly expresses your personality and puts your own stamp on your space.

Browse Vinterior’s stunning range today and find a spectacular Ercol chest of drawers that will bring retro style and ultimate sophistication to your bedroom.

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