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When only the most stylish and well-made furniture will do, Ercol is a brand you can rely on for vintage chic. Find a beautiful Ercol bench in our range and enjoy the iconic vintage look that one of these pieces will bring into your home.

Why choose a vintage Ercol bench?

Still going strong today almost a century after its original launch in 1920, Ercol is known as the home of beautifully designed and exquisitely crafted furniture.

Originally, the Ercol brand was centred around the manufacture of minimalist yet attractive chairs. However, when the end of the Second World War resulted in a huge demand for mass-produced, robust furniture, Ercol really came into its own.

Utility furniture had to be strong, sturdy and built to last. Ercol’s ethos was the perfect fit with this aim. Their designs were simple yet surprisingly attractive and the craftsmanship meant that each piece was created with longevity in mind. It was no wonder that the brand’s offerings became so popular with homeowners.

Over the years that followed, Ercol began to design and produce a wider range of furniture including beds, bookcases and dressers. One of the most iconic items in its 1950s ranges was the Ercol bench or love-seat which found its way into homes up and down the land. Made in the classic Ercol minimalist style, a vintage Ercol bench is made from blonde beech and elm and has a light, appealing colour.

The legs of the bench have an especially recognisable shape, with narrow, angled legs that feature a stretcher between. The back, too, is classically Ercol with narrow spindles that add a delicate look to the robustness of the craftsmanship. This eye-catching design is well suited to a number of environments in the home.

Incorporating Ercol benches in the home

Whether you are looking for casual seating in your kitchen, want to place an eye-catching bench in an unoccupied bay window or even want to adorn your hallway with a place to sit while removing or putting on shoes, the Ercol bench is a versatile and fun option. The styling and shape of the wood means that can utilise an Ercol bench in everything from a rustic, farmhouse setting to an industrial or even bohemian space. Have a larger than average landing with nothing to furnish it? This is an ideal place to add an Ercol bench, too.

Vintage Ercol benches are not only beautiful, they are also sturdily made and able to last a lifetime. Their classic style also brings genuine character and flair into any room. If you have a conservatory or sun room, an Ercol bench is a great option as a casual seating option that works well for a spot of coffee or an hour spent reading the paper in the sunshine.

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