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There are some names that are synonymous with certain creations, movements and achievements. And for anyone familiar with the magic of mid-century furniture, Charles and Ray Eames are surely among them. As a married couple, Charles and Ray were the figureheads of the iconic Eames brand of furniture, helping to fill the homes of discerning customers with stunning modernist pieces. The work of Charles and Ray continues to inspire home design to this day, with more and more people seeking out their celebrated pieces of seating, storage and dining furniture. As such, you’ll find a vast array of Eames furniture right here at Vinterior. Enjoy browsing our collection today.

About Charles and Ray Eames

Born in Missouri in 1907, Charles Eames developed his interest in engineering and architecture at a young age. He attended Washington University in St Louis on a scholarship for two years, before working in an architectural office. By 1930, he had started his own office, and began extending his ideas beyond architecture to include design and manufacture.

Ray was born in Sacramento, California in 1912, and studied painting with Hans Hofmann in New York before moving on to the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan, where she met Charles. It was here that Charles, along with his then partner Eero Saarinen, won two first prizes at the Organic Furniture Competition with designs that moulded plywood into complex curves.

After marrying in 1941, Charles and Ray became an unstoppable duo. During the Second World War, they were commissioned by the US Navy to produce moulded plywood splints, glider shells and stretchers. By 1946, Evans Products had begun producing the pair’s furniture pieces, and in 1956 the iconic Eames Lounge Chair was named “the chair of the century” by influential architectural critic Esther McCoy. It was not long after this that production of these pieces was taken over by Herman Miller, Inc.

The Eames mid century furniture style

Nowadays, the Eames style of furniture has come to irrevocably represent the trends of mid-century modern design. Their vintage and retro pieces from the 40s, 50s and 60s are often fiercely sought after by designers and homeowners alike, as there is undoubtedly a prestige to owning one of the Eames’ pieces. Thankfully, you’ll find an impressive selection of Eames furniture here at Vinterior.

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