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Eames dining chairs

Functionality doesn’t have to be boring. Our collection of Eames dining chairs is brimming with originality and bursting with style. These pieces are retro, chic, but still cosy, especially when accessorised with rugs, cushions, and throws. So, what are you waiting for? Start searching our selection of Eames dining chairs for your perfect fit now.

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Eames dining chairs UK

Dining chairs designed by married couple Charles and Ray Eames showcase the best of twentieth century Scandinavian invention. In the years after WWII, they were looking for high quality, low cost furniture utilising new materials. Say goodbye to traditional cushioned upholstery and hello to Eames dining chairs, which are delightfully retro, round, and made of plywood, fibreglass, wire mesh, and aluminium. They’re super comfy too!

Our selection of Eames dining chairs has been carefully chosen to bring you a blend of everything that makes Scandinavian furniture special. Simple functionality combined with innovation and a homely aesthetic.

Discover genuine vintage Eames dining chairs, plus Eames style dining chairs that have been produced more recently in collaboration with Herman Miller, and Vitra. In these designs, the character of the first Eames dining chairs remains, but they come at a more affordable price, which the original makers would have approved of.

If you want to create a complete authentic Scandinavian dining room, browse our complete collection of Scandinavian dining tables. Or, if you’re as in love with this style as we are, why not just take a look at the whole Eames collection?

How to create a Scandi-style dining room

Once you’ve chosen your statement pieces of Scandinavian furniture, it’s time to put them all together to create an atmosphere of straightforward domestic bliss. Here are a handful of ways you can achieve this effect, using a few more pieces taken from the Vinterior marketplace:

  • 1. The majority of the colours you use should be soft and light – whites, greys, and pastels – but set these off with a bold accent colour to make sure the room doesn’t look bland. Reds, blues, greens, and all yellows work, or a black accent would create a very dramatic contrast. Finally, try and accessorise with geometric patterns. We have a great selection of vintage wall art, where you might find the perfect piece!

  • 2. Wood should be the base material for your Scandinavian inspired dining room. Exposed floorboards and a wooden dining table will add warmth to the room if left untouched. For a slightly more utilitarian look, you can paint them white. Check out our selection of Scandinavian tables to find the perfect fit for your dining room.

  • 3. Once you’ve chosen your wooden features, add in a couple of different textures to compliment them. You could install glass or metallic Scandinavian lighting, functional metal seating, and use natural fabrics like cotton or wool for rugs and throws to add a cosy element. Our collection of Scandinavian rugs is second to none.