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Eileen Gray Furniture

Eileen Gray, an Irish-born furniture designer from County Wexford, flourished quickly after training in Japanese lacquer. Gray established herself as one of the leading lacquered screens and decorative panels designers.

She worked closely with many outstanding figures of the modern movement, including J J P Oud, Le Corbusier, and Pierre Jeanneret.

Her financial success with Bibendum Chair and the Pirogue Day Bed encouraged her to open her own boutique shop on a Rue in France, home to prestigious high-end fashion boutiques, jewelers, and art galleries. It was where the Paris Mecca of luxury would shop.

Naming her boutique Jean Désert on the famed Faubourg Saint-Honoré, it quickly became a meeting place for the high-class elite society; it was here where she would incorporate her distinct modern elements & geometric designs.

Before Eileen Gray passed away in the mid-70s, one of her last tasks was to work with Zeev Aram to introduce her designs into the world market. She achieved her wish and granted Aram Designs in London global rights to manufacture and distribute Eileen Grey Furniture designs.

However, surprisingly it wasn't until the late 60s that her work started to gain recognition.

Today Eileen's furniture is still the centre of modernist design & art deco style, and her geometric shapes & luxe elements in leather and steel are still very much sought after by non-conformists.

Do you desire her sensual objects and historical French forms? Then, get your Eileen Gray table or chair to add her distinguish designer touch to your home interior.

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About Eileen Gray

Modern Movement Eileen Gray furniture, rare and collectible, set a record in 20th-century decorative art in 2009. Her art deco "Dragons" brown leather chair auctioned for $28 million at Christie's. A truly distinctive, bespoke piece intricately carved and lacquered was designed initially for Suzanne Talbot in 1917. Millions of dollars is a tidy sum for a chair, yet not uncommon in the buoyant world of luxury furniture auctions and the price collectors pay for an Eileen Gray piece. Gray's designs highlight her flair, beauty, and geometric shapes; she incorporates a dynamic development, allowing for constant movement. She designed new types of transforming, portable furniture, like the Eileen Grey tables that stood freely to suit the user—all fit for simplicity and subtle living in compact spaces during that time. Her innovation unpredictability with spatial movement and cubism may have developed from Slade; she was the first woman admitted to the Slade School of Art in 1898. However, her artistic and Negoro lacquer talents were influenced profoundly by her move to Paris in 1902. Today, many of Gray's creations have sold for more than $1 million. For example, the revolutionary "Transat" chair sold for $1.5 million at a 2014 Phillips auction. Among her million-dollar iconic designs, four stand out from the crowd, the Adjustable Table E 1027, a chrome side table from 1927, the Bibendum armchair, named after the famous Michelin man shaped in 1929, the E.1027 modernist villa on the Côte d'Azur, and in 1960 her lacquer screen enlisted by Yves Saint Laurent for $35,000 at a Paris auction. Also las known as a désespérément romantic; her Parisian bi-sexual love affairs with Marisa Damia, Chenard-Walcker, and Jean Badovici were no secret. She even coded her amours into her work titles. Rugs were coded with her & Damia's initials"D" and "E"; her modernist villa became E.1027 with the letter"E" for Eileen and "10" for Jean, the tenth letter of the alphabet and the "2" stood for Badovici, and "7" was for Gray. Her tubular pieces add a classic revolutionary edge to any interior. So why not shop for Eileen Gray designs online here at Vinterior? We carry a variety of luxurious, modern classics and decadent styles influenced by this famous designer.

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