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If ‘burr walnut veneer’ sounds familiar to you, chances are you’ve seen an item of walnut veneer furniture before and marvelled at its delicate beauty and inviting glossiness. ‘Burrs’ are in actual fact a deformity in trees and are created when the tree undergoes some kind of stress such as an injury. They create fascinating patterns in the fabric of the tree and the resulting wood is highly prized for its rarity. If a burr walnut finish is one that you would love to incorporate into your home, explore our listings here at Vinterior today.

What you should know about burr walnut veneers

By definition, veneers are very thin pieces of wood that are attached by glue to other panels of wood in furniture manufacture. One of the advantages of using veneering in furniture design is the stability it provides. While solid wood may split with age and use, veneering relies upon multiple pieces of wood, meaning warping and splitting is far less likely. It is also true to say that the cost of creating hardwood furniture from burr walnut is often very high. By using burr walnut veneers instead it is possible to make furniture with the same incredible aesthetic at a more affordable price.

Burr walnut veneers have been used to create furniture in many different eras of design, but the Art Deco period created a particular affinity for the look, with celebrated manufacturers Epstein Bros using burr walnut in many of their creations. Browse our collection and you will find some gorgeous designs like a Willy Rizzo style coffee table and a Maple & Co. dressing table.

Why choose burr walnut veneer furniture at Vinterior?

Here at Vinterior, we have stock from over one thousand sellers, all of whom we trust to cherry pick the very best examples of burr walnut veneered furniture. So whether you’re looking for a honey coloured desk with a high gloss sheen, a three piece suite with walnut accents or a wardrobe that features burr walnut marquetry, you’ve come to the right place. Our selection of antique and vintage furniture is fantastically wide reaching, so there’s something for every taste and budgetary requirement.

We sell new, too

Not only do we feature a huge range of antique furniture, we’re also proud to sell new items from present day manufacturers, too. If you’d like something in burr walnut veneer that fits in with your eclectic, contemporary style, browse our range of contemporary and new furniture and fall in love with the perfect piece.

How to style your burr walnut veneer furniture

Burr walnut veneer furniture is show stopping, regardless of the colour you select and how you choose to style it. On cabinets, desks and tables, it adds a high-polish surface that begs to be touched - delectably smooth and shiny, it brings a touch of elegance to any room. Also regularly used on headboards, wardrobe doors and chairs, the blossoming patterns and lustrous patina evidenced in the veneer are the perfect addition to relaxing areas such as bedrooms and snug sitting rooms, providing a clear display of the organic, natural material whilst remaining sleek and chic.

As it’s been used for centuries, its possible to find items of burr walnut veneered furniture that fit into any interior decorating scheme, from majestic Victorian rooms to those that are dripping in Art Deco opulence, so if you love the look and feel inspired to try it in your own home, don’t hesitate to browse Vinterior’s extensive range of burr walnut veneer furniture today and find a piece that’s just right for you.

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