Vintage Lithographs

One of the easiest ways to add a bespoke touch to your interior is to curate your own wall of art. Adding a stunning vintage lithograph or two to an otherwise blank wall can create a more stimulating interior that can create a talking point with guests and surround you with images that you love to surround yourself with and connect with every day.Lithographs come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. With over 4000 in our vintage vault, there’s sure to be a lithograph poster print, still life, landscape, or a jovial piece of pop art that sparks your interest. More affordable than other pieces of art, lithographs make it easy to become an amateur gallerist. Whether you’re in the midst of unearthing the finest French lithographs for a commercial project or you’re simply on the lookout for some colourful prints for your bedroom, Vinterior’s got you covered.Every vintage lithograph print is handpicked by our vintage experts for its quality, uniqueness, character, and quality. Being a repository of the finest lithograph prints from across the U.K. and Europe, there really is no need to go anywhere else. Sit back, relax and discover your perfect lithograph prints below.

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How to identify a lithograph

To identify a true lithograph, it’s crucial to whip out your magnifying glass to get close to the image. A lithograph is made by hand, and however perfect it may seem to the naked eye, it should have irregularities when examined more closely. Colours may have been applied unevenly and lines may be thicker at certain points whereas a mechanically produced print contains wholly uniform dots of cyan, yellow, magenta and black.

What’s the difference between a lithograph and a print?

A lithograph and a print are two different ways to reproduce another piece of art such as a painting, advertising poster, or illustration. While a standard print is usually mass-produced by machinery, a lithograph is an original copy made by hand and produced on a much smaller scale. This makes lithographs more desirable and sought-after.

Are lithographs valuable?

Because lithographs are made in smaller batches and handmade by skilled craftspeople, there’s only a finite number of them available. This makes them more scarce than prints and lithographs do have a certain value because of this. While they’ll never reach the lofty prices of the original pieces of art, they are affordable, make a great investment, and will increase in value.

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