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Whether you have a plain, base carpet, stripped floorboards or cool tiles, nothing quite completes a room with more style than a rug. If you are craving the additional texture and cosiness of a rug but don’t want to overpower a space in your home, look no further than a vintage mid-century rug from Vinterior. With a huge range of rugs from many different eras, our online marketplace should be always be your first port of call when changing up your interior design.

Choosing mid-century rugs

Rugs reflect both the design of the era in which they were made but also the culture and traditions of their place of origin. Round, oval, rectangular or even a more complex shape, rugs come in many shapes and sizes to fit large and not so large spaces in your home. Often overlooked in favour of other decorative items, mid-century modern rugs are functional on otherwise slippery floors and bring warmth, colour and fabulous design to your living space.

Whether you are looking to incorporate a mid-century theme into your home or you just want a rug that isn’t too overpowering, browsing our mid-century range is a great starting point. Our mid-century modern rugs are sourced from all over the world with a huge variety of colours and designs to suit every type of home interior, from the traditional to the contemporary.

Rugs – colour and design

When we talk about floor coverings it is impossible not to mention Persian rugs, which bring style, colour and a touch of creativity to any space. Persian rugs from the mid-century are particularly appealing if you are looking to add an air of sophistication and vintage twist to your space.

Perhaps you live in an converted warehouse apartment and want to soften the industrial elements of your home with a textured woven wool Persian rug. Or maybe you live in a modern, new build house and simply want to add a sense of heritage to your living room.

If the patterns and tones of a Persian rug aren’t for you, then how about a mid-century Chinese rug? These have an elegant and exotic feel for a period room, echoing the vibrancy of the earlier Art Deco era when they were very popular. Smaller Chinese rugs are perfect for the fireside or next to the bed in your bedroom.

For a contemporary or urban setting, a mid-century rug from Denmark in Ege Rya style makes a sharp statement in a slightly barren modernist apartment. This particularly eye-catching rug can also be wall hung.

Traditional handwoven Swedish rugs add a sense of shabby chic in this environment as well. For a real feel of the 1960s home, try a polygon shaped rug in your lounge or dining area. With an attractive floral pattern, this colourful rug offsets the minimalist home look to perfection.

For authentic retro in real mid-century colours, look no further than a round Geometric design rug with a genuine shag pile finish in the classic orange and brown two-tone of the 1960s, simply stunning when combined with a mid-century teak sideboard or coffee table.

Rugs don’t have to be confined to the floor, they can be wall hung and used to add interest and design to spacious backdrops that might otherwise seem a little austere. A large painted wall in a contemporary home makes the perfect setting for one of Vinterior’s vintage Turkish patchwork rugs. Finished and overdyed in new but strong retro colours such as red, mustard and green, these rugs make the perfect wall hangings bringing warmth and vibrancy to a modern interior.

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If you are on the hunt for a mid-century rug for your home, why not browse our collection today. With thousands of listings from trusted sellers around the country, there is nowhere better to find your perfect soft furnishing.