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How can you identify a Welsh blanket?

A home is somewhere you should always feel comfortable and relaxed, and a big part of this is surrounding yourself with all the cosiest necessities and accessories. We all love to feel cosy in our own homes, and stunning items like traditional Welsh blankets can help you stay cosy in style. Win, win. Woven patterns provide so many incredible design features, from bold colours to intricate patterns, instantly bringing a sense of excitement to your décor that is impossible to imitate. Welsh blankets are among the highest quality blankets and throws available, offering both durability and dynamic aesthetics. So if you’re looking for the perfect vintage Welsh blankets for your home, you’re in the right place. Get familiar with the Vinterior collection today and find the perfect traditional Welsh blanket to cosy-up your home.

Why choose vintage Welsh blankets and vintage Welsh tapestry blankets?

Welsh blankets, otherwise known as tapestry blankets, are made using traditional double cloth construction which has been pretty much the same since the late 19th century. This structure allows for a practical and hard-wearing blanket, but also has the added benefit of meaning these blankets feature bold reversible patterns. This is what Welsh blankets are famous for. Having been traditionally woven by hand, the patterns which feature on Welsh blankets are similar to Scottish tartans. They may not represent separate clans, but they are distinct to Wales and every mill has its own designs. Welsh blankets were particularly popular during the 1960s and 70s, meaning there are now plenty of vintage Welsh blankets available, which have stood the test of time and may be considered collector’s items.

What to look for in period Welsh blankets

The first thing anybody would notice about a traditional Welsh blanket is, of course, the incredible pattern. Then you turn it over and discover another stunning pattern on the other side! These patterns vary greatly, from bright colourful creations with a range of different hues included to more subdued patterns made using earthy tones. This means that, whether you’re after something bold or just comforting, there is bound to be a Welsh blanket to suit you. Welsh blankets are typically fringed at the edges, helping them stand out even more. Look for colour combinations and patterns which really speak to your tastes.

Are Welsh blankets warm?

Welsh blankets don’t just make your home feel more homely and warm, but they also feel right at home in any room. In particular, a vintage Welsh blanket is the perfect addition to a master bedroom or a living room. In both of these spaces, the blanket can double as a stylish and unique throw to add colour and intrigue to the room.

You can even use the colours featured in your blanket to inspire the rest of your room design, finding accessories and ornaments that make use of similar shades. This will help unify the room and make your blanket fit in even more.

Why shop for Welsh blankets for sale at Vinterior?

There is no better place to find one-of-a-kind home additions than Vinterior. After all, we are the number one online marketplace for unique furniture. Every item in our collection is an individual, and there are thousands of them to choose from, provided by a selection of more than one thousand trusted sellers, brands and designers.

We specialise in furniture which has its own sense of character and its own story to tell, be it vintage, antique, artisan, retro, contemporary, bespoke, upcycled or repurposed. And within our collection you’ll find an impressive range of beautiful traditional Welsh blankets to add colour and cosiness to your home. So what are you waiting for? Explore the Vinterior collection today.

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