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Wall Lights

Vintage Gold Wall Lights

Warm. Shiny. Opulent. Gold accents will brighten up any room. There’s no better way to bring a splash of metallic to your interior than with a scheme of gorgeous gold wall lights. From antique gold gilt sconces to 1970s Hollywood Regency glitz, you’ll find a gold wall light that will bring your interior vision alive.

Wall lights can add subtlety to the mood and ambience you are looking to create in your home. From dramatic amber hues to accompany your dinner parties to bold white light to highlight your artwork and treasured family photos, gold can accentuate and amplify your desired ambience.

Whether you’re looking for daring gold wall lights to fulfil your latest commercial brief or you simply want to add a sprinkling of golden magic to your lighting scheme, Vinterior’s got you covered. Shop sustainably, connect with a trusted seller, and unearth your one-of-a-kind pre-owned gold wall light today.

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Vintage gold wall lights for sale

All that glitters may not be gold. But all our vintage gold wall lights are glimmery and luxurious. If you want to add a little bit of early 20th century glamour to your home, go bold with the gold. Foremost among our collection of vintage gold wall lights are the art deco pieces, which reflect (quite literally) Hollywood’s golden age in the 1920s and 30s. The art deco style is characterised by its use of opulent materials, like gold, to highlight the elegance of the items produced. Popular shapes and patterns include lines, fans, flowers, and scallops. Alternatively, you can search our selection of vintage gold wall lights for other styles. The term ‘vintage’ covers pieces made between the 1920s-1970s, and encapsulates many different styles as well as art deco, including modernism, pop art, and Scandinavian-style minimalism. So whatever your particular aesthetic, there’s plenty to feast your eyes on, thanks to our dedicated community of over 2000 boutique vintage sellers.

Styling your vintage gold wall lights

All the gold vintage wall lights we have in our collection have been chosen for their decorative qualities and unique sense of character. They range from wavy fan shapes to clean, straight lines, at opposite ends of the opulence/minimalism scale. Once you’ve selected your preferred style and found the perfect vintage gold wall light to suit it, it’s time to get accessorising. Gold can be a daunting material to work with; it’s loud and loses its taste if overused. The secret is learning how to strike the right balance between gold accents and other luxury textures. Luckily, we’ve got a couple of tips to help you out. To tie your vintage gold wall lights into the rest of the room, and to create a warm, glamorous glow without it being too over the top, limit the number of gold accents you use. Picture frames and mirrors with gold or gilt frames are a good, subtle way to make this statement. Complementary to these accents are the soft, luxurious textures of leather and velvet that you often found with art deco sofas. Put all these items together, and voila - you’ve got yourself a gorgeous, glamorous, Hollywood-style sitting room.

Where can I find vintage gold wall lights in the UK?

You’ll find an amazing selection of glamorous vintage gold wall lights for sale at Vinterior. You can discover the perfect vintage gold wall light to complement your home amongst thousands of outstanding listings with just a few clicks using our helpful search tool. Explore our carefully curated collection today.

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