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Vintage Crystal Wall Lights

Introduce layered lighting into your home with our lovingly curated collection of vintage crystal wall lights. Perfect for supplementing a main light or adding ambience to dark corners. Love sophisticated elegance? Opt for a discrete tiered sconce that oozes class. Prefer a big, bold statement? Choose a modernist design with colourful glass. At Vinterior we have a vintage crystal wall light for everyone.
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Crystal wall lights vintage

Instantly change the ambience of your home with vintage crystal wall lights. Our collection includes a wide selection of wall lights, such as 1960s crystal sculptures and intricate beaded sconces, to add more than a touch of class to any room. If you prefer a bold statement, opt for art deco crystal wall brackets in striking geometric shapes. Wall lights have a wide variety of purposes, aside from looking good. They supplement the main light in a room, and add a warm glow to dark corners. Wall lights are perfect for adding softer accent lighting for entertaining or relaxing, and add depth and atmosphere to a room. Vintage crystal wall lights can be used to highlight a feature of the room, such as a favourite piece of wall art or free standing sculpture. From collectable names to affordable one-off pieces, we have something to suit every taste and budget.

Vintage crystal wall lights to add focus and drama

Do your interiors feel too bright? Or are there gloomy patches where the light never seems to reach? Vintage crystal wall lights are the solution. Wall lights bring a sense of warmth and intimacy to any living space, creating a point of interest. They work well in hallways and corridors, creating soft pools of light instead of overhead glare. Traditional mirrored or glass sconces sit flush to a wall and diffuse light gently across it. While vertical torch style lights add a decorative element to a bland wall. They pick up the places where lamp light doesn’t reach, creating a cosy glow in areas that get lost once evening sets in. Vintage crystal wall lights refract and reflect light, adding visual interest and beauty, as well as bringing practical benefits.

Complementary lighting design

Putting the ‘big light’ on is a thing of the past. Layered lighting is key to creating a relaxing atmosphere to unwind in. Take it a step further by using wall sconces as task lighting. This means creating helpful pops of light in areas where you need them most. Enjoy sewing? Add a wall light to the table above your sewing machine. Spend ages on your make up? Place a wall sconce either side of a statement mirror to create a perfect area for pampering. With Vinterior you can search hundreds of vintage crystal wall lights in moments. Simply tailor your search using our clever tool and find the perfect piece to light up your life.