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Chandeliers have been synonymous with luxury and grandeur since Medieval times. As the centuries have passed, the designs became more intricate and varied with advancing technological development and workmanship. In Italy, no self-respecting Milanese stately home would be without a chandelier. The first Italian chandeliers were made from Murano glass by Venetian glassmakers. The Murano glass was a complete contrast to all the other types of glasses being utilised in lighting at the time, making the Murano chandelier also known as a “Ciocca” an ornate and exotic decoration in a class of its own.

Choosing Italian chandeliers

The most prominent European styles include the French Rock Crystal, the English glass and Venetian chandeliers. But perhaps nothing else covers style, quality, elegance, and design quite like Italian chandeliers. They come in a real range designs, sizes, colours and price points, depending on age, complexity and the materials involved.

The type of chandelier you choose will often depend on where you intend to place the light fitting. In a lobby or larger foyer setting, the chandelier may be wider and taller to make a bold statement in a large space. Alternatively in more compact spaces like dining rooms or low-ceilinged living spaces, you may find that smaller and more delicate pieces are required.

Explore our range of Italian chandeliers and you will find that many different materials are used, depending on the style and era. From ornate antique pieces using Murano glass to 1970s pop art designs in steel and chrome, there is a look for every home. Brass, copper and ceramics also feature heavily in many of our Italian chandeliers.

At one end of the spectrum you may find an antique rock crystal chandelier in a Genovese style, dating back to the 18th century. At the other end you can find minimalist plexiglass chandeliers or even spectacular Sputnik chandeliers in the style of Stilnovo.

Glass chandeliers offer many of the benefits of a crystal chandelier but at a lower price point. Explore the collection here at Vinterior and you will find a broad selection of Italian chandeliers.

Why buy Italian chandeliers?

It is no secret that Italy often has the last word when it comes to style. Be it food, cars, architecture or indeed furniture, there is no shortage of appeal when we shop Italian. And by adding a touch of Italian flair to your home you can not only incorporate a guaranteed conversation starter into your interior design but also add quality craftsmanship and character to a space. Be it an Italian Cesendello chandelier or waterfall spheres, these light fittings come in different variations to suit the needs of the buyer.

For the lovers of a modern and contemporary interior, you can go for black, white or beige chandeliers with curled or wavy forms of the branches with a little touch of coloured crystals or Satin nickel finishes to give a modern minimalistic feel. You can also look for clean lines. Remember that your chandelier's finish and materials ought to supplement different finishes in your space.

Italian chandeliers at Vinterior

Here at Vinterior, dealing in chandeliers is both our passion and pride. We respect the fact that heritage pieces carry with them a history that adds to the narrative of your home. But at the same time we appreciate more contemporary designs from artists who continue to push the boundaries and explore new themes. It is for this reason that we strive to ensure the quality of both our modern and vintage Italian chandeliers is extremely high.

Whatever your preference be, a modern home with the state-of-the-art Italian chandelier or a traditional home with a picturesque vintage chandelier hanging from your living room, Vinterior has got you covered.