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The chandelier. The classic ceiling light that never fails to make a statement. A chandelier is not for the faint of heart, it's for the bold and daring and for the homeowner looking to not just light up a room, but illuminate it. Art Deco really took the classic chandelier to new levels. By experimenting with glass, metals and shapes, designers such as Muller Freres, René Lalique and Carl Fagerlund brought chandeliers into the mainstream, where once they had been reserved for upper class. An Art Deco chandelier is a beautiful addition to the home, adding a clear sense of identity and attention to detail that you simply can’t replicate with a boring modern bulb and lampshade. Explore our collection of 1920s, 1930s, 1940s art deco chandeliers right here.

Why choose an Art Deco chandelier?

What the Art Deco movement managed to achieve with the classic chandelier is truly astonishing. With so many options in shapes, materials and size to choose from, the hardest thing about investing in an Art Deco chandelier is knowing where to start. But every design has one thing in common – they make a big impact in your home.

1920s-1930s Chandeliers for sale only at Vinterior

We find they can really set off a dining room by utilising the light and the space and drawing attention back to your dining table. But that's not to say that they aren't suited to a living room either; in fact we would say you can transform a plain living room into a completely different space with the simple addition of an Art Deco chandelier. Alternatively, if you're looking for a grand entrance, they make fantastic additions to any hallway and will grab the immediate attention of any visitors.

Chandeliers can also be a necessity in homes that struggle to let in natural light. It's fair to say that due to a chandelier’s typical use of glass and reflective metals, it will be among the brightest styles of chandelier you can buy, as well as one of the most attractive. A chandelier placed in a usually dark and dreary room will completely transform it, and everything in it. You'll notice that the decor looks better and brighter and your furnishings come to life. It will make a huge difference to the beauty of every object in the room, radiating light and illuminating every part of your living space.

Why shop at Vinterior for art deco chandeliers?

As the number one marketplace for vintage, antique, artisan and unique furniture, Vinterior is the best place to discover Art Deco lighting which really makes your home shine. Despite boasting a collection of many thousands of furniture items, we are very selective about our listings and only include the most premium pieces. Each item in the Vinterior collections has been chosen for its character, charm and high quality craftsmanship, with every piece possessing its own individual backstory and history just waiting to be discovered.

Vintage and retro isn’t all we specialise in at Vinterior. You’ll also find an extensive collection of more contemporary items among our listings as well, each possessing the same quality and character that you would expect from the finest antique. So whether you prefer traditional or modern styles, there is something for everyone at Vinterior.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy exploring the range of Art Deco furniture and lighting right here at Vinterior.

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