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Art Deco Chandeliers

Capture the sophistication of 1920s France with an art deco chandelier. In shiny metal, Murano glass and crystal, this beautiful lighting forms a centrepiece for your hallway or living room. Think glitz and glamour, clean lines and geometric shapes.
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Art deco chandeliers: fruits of a jubilant time

Our art deco chandeliers are truly reminiscent of a joyful, carefree period. They ooze style, sophistication and opulence. In post-WW1 Paris, artists, painters, dancers and writers gathered to mix and create, creating brand new ideas for design and literature. Our art deco chandeliers are a product of this fruitful period when the creative juices, as well as cocktails, were in full flow. In our collection, browse hundreds of beautiful art deco chandeliers, using the handy filters to hone down your search. These refurbished and used pieces are calling out to be displayed and enjoyed once more. And complete lavish art deco style decor in the home and workplace.

A range of art deco chandelier styles

Art deco chandelier styles span everything from ornate styles mimicking medieval candle holders to simple, minimalist shapes. Like detail? You’ve come to the right place. Inspired by the art nouveau period of a few decades before, art deco designers loved recreating nature inspired patterns and themes in their work. Think gilded metal leaves, floral lamps and hanging details and you’re on the right lines. If you’re after something less showy, we have plenty of simpler designs, too. A single hanging rod with a circular metallic shade makes just as much impact – otherwise it wouldn’t feature in our range. These light fixtures display perfect symmetry, a feature of the art deco style and an effect that’s highly pleasing to the eye.

Designer art deco chandeliers

Art deco style is all about bold statements and extravagant detailing. And lighting designers certainly went to town with these art deco chandeliers. Find stunning Murano glass light pendants by Italian design pioneer Ercole Barovier in our collection. Beautiful metallic chandeliers by Franta Anyz capture the German Bauhaus style of 1920s Germany. While Carl Fagerlund chandeliers harness 1930s Swedish splendour, with frosted glass tastefully combined with eye-catching brass. Many of these art deco chandeliers are originals from the 1920s and 1930s. They’ve been re-cabled and restored by modern electricians to ensure they’re safe to install and use. Why not bag yourself an original and combine it with original pieces from ourart deco sofa and sideboard for an authentic look? Complete the aesthetic with a unique mirror or clock from our range. Carefully chosen from experienced sellers throughout the world.

Art deco chandelier UK

Our exceptional lighting range is a product of careful selection from expert dealers located in the UK and beyond. Excellent quality and craftsmanship is guaranteed, as well as deep knowledge of each item – which you can discover by clicking into each item to find out more about its origin, condition and history. Isn’t it great to know you’re supporting a community of over 1,800 sellers when you shop with Vinterior?