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Chandeliers possess the power to command a room with intricate elegance and evoke a sense of splendour. They were used as far back as the medieval ages and have always been a symbol of luxury and status among the wealthy. It is speculated that the Dutch were the first to introduce the brass chandeliers around the 15th century. They were used most often in churches before being adopted into palaces and affluent homes. With the advancement of technology and craftsmanship, chandeliers have evolved from ornate candle holders to bold statement lights. If you are looking for a lighting solution that will catch the eye of your guests look no further than a brass chandelier.

What to look for in brass chandeliers

A brass chandelier is a luxurious addition to a home and adds grandeur to a hallway, sitting room, dining room or bedroom. Traditional brass chandeliers come in designs ranging from simple rope and tassel designs to more complex three or five arm chandeliers with classic shades. It is even possible to find more elaborate designs than this when searching our online marketplace.

The Dutch/Flemish style consists of a central stem with alternating narrow arms that bend downwards around a low hung ball. This style looks extremely graceful and suits a more classical décor than some more modern chandelier configurations.

Other factors to be considered include the placement area. For example, to accentuate a tall ceiling go for a brass chandelier with an upper tier of lights for an elaborate look; for spaces where it is necessary to walk under the chandelier like the living room, we recommend you choose shorter chandeliers.

Why should you consider buying brass chandeliers?

Choosing a brass chandelier means choosing a masterpiece that adds style and elegance to a room. Brass is a material that is relatively easy to maintain, requiring just a quick wipe with a dry, soft cloth on a regular basis. In addition to this, it is resistant to corrosion meaning it does not rust, therefore remains in good form for years to come. For this reason, vintage brass chandeliers continue to look as good today as they did in generations gone by – and so you may find one here at Vinterior that you simply can’t resist adding to your home.

Brass chandeliers offer a wide range of designs and sizes to choose from. Some of the variations include the crystal, antique French, vintage and porcelain brass chandeliers. As brass itself is a warm and reflective material, the brass itself can help to illuminate a room and make it feel more welcoming place.

For a traditional look, one can go for candle-style lighting or the vintage brass chandeliers with ornate designs that fit perfectly in a dining area above a wooden dining table and can act as a great conversational piece.

If your taste is more of contemporary, you can choose chandeliers with sleek, clean lines. Indeed, there are a number of modernist brass options available here at Vinterior in a pendant style with upwards of 8 arms. For a less complicated but similarly bold style, you may also want to consider pieces such as the modernist mini Gemma Brass chandelier with milk glass globes, which can often be found listed by our sellers.

Brass Chandeliers at Vinterior

Here at Vinterior we are proud to feature brass chandeliers to suit any style of home. Our designs include traditional, Dutch/Flemish, crystal, antique brass, and highly polished brass chandeliers together with a broad selection of modern designs.

Whether you are remodelling your home, purchasing for an antique or in search of the perfect statement piece for your home, we at Vinterior have got you covered.