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Antique Signs

Bold antique signs are the perfect statement piece for your home. Find a tin logo of your favourite brand to hang in the kitchen, or ingrain some new household rules while keeping things vintage. Step inside the world of antique signs and find historic branding mixed with modern decorations.

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Antique signs

Signage before WWII was a major source of advertising and awareness for any brand in Europe and America. Companies made their brand signs from porcelain enamel (imported from Germany), as well as steel and iron, and decorated them with paint or coloured powder glass. Antique signs were bold and colourful, especially those from the USA.

Antique signs have become more popular today as an ornament in the garden or kitchen. We offer a collection of antique signs and plaques made of stone from schools, railway tracks, and industrial firms, which make fantastic keepsakes. Directional signage like “Keep Out”, “Exit” and “This Way” can bring a fun and quirky addition to the home or garden. We also have a selection of collectible iconic antique signage dating as far back as the early 18th century. Our advanced search feature allows you to find your sign by material, including enamel vintage signs, and by style, like including industrial signs.

Antique signs for sale

Antique signs don’t just come with designer brand logos. Our sign collection also includes single lettering and numbers, road signs and original navy and marine plaques. You could spruce up the front of your house with a new number plate, using some early 19th-century French enamel letters, or purchase some 1950s circus paneling to add theatrical glamour to your living room.