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Vintage Collectables

We all enjoy decorating our homes with vintage collectables, vintage kitchen accessories and even vintage bathroom accessories from different places and eras. They can be a great addition to both traditional and modern homes; bringing something unique to any room. Or you can simply collect them for fun. Browse our selection of vintage collectables to discover amazing finds from the twentieth century and earlier.

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A huge choice of vintage collectables

People all over the world collect vintage items, either for fun or to complete the look of their home. The choice of collectables is almost limitless, with so many items having achieved collectors’ status over time. Whether it’s vintage clothing or bags, lamps, furniture, ornaments or art, you can collect almost anything. Traditionally, to find these items, and pick up a rare gem, you’d have to visit a specialist dealer or get lucky at a car boot sale or flea market. Today, you can find rare vintage collectables online and make them yours at the click of a button. Among our eclectic and intriguing collectables, you’ll find items as diverse as cigarette holders, pinball machines, anatomical models, figurines, horse brasses, typewriters, musical instruments, religious paraphernalia and retro signs, all with a story to tell. When it comes to storing your collectables, some people choose to keep them tucked safely away in a box – if it’s a vintage box, even better. But many people like to showcase their items on sideboards and shelves or in display cabinets.

Post-war vintage home accessories

Vintage collectables from the forties and fifties are very popular. These items are usually post-war related – think gas masks, vintage signage, leather suitcases and chests, and military uniforms and kit. You’ll also find some stunning furniture from this era including sideboards and chairs with sleek lines, often carved from oak or teak.

Kitsch sixties and seventies vintage collectibles

Vintage home accessories from the 1960s and 1970s are often kitsch, fun and playful. From lamps and kitchenware to rare vinyl records, these collectables are instantly recognisable as being from the swinging sixties. As dinner parties became increasingly fashionable in the seventies, there was a rise in designer glassware, tableware and kitchenware, which have become collectors’ items over time. These delightful retro pieces will bring fun and nostalgia to any dining table.

Vintage home accessories from the ‘80s

Vintage collectables from the eighties often centre around royal and sporting memorabilia. The advent of computer games during this decade means retro video games, consoles and computers are popular with collectors. If you love eighties nostalgia, take a look at our vintage collectables from this era and add a touch of ‘yuppie’ chic to your home.

Victorian collectables

Collectables from the 1800s are hugely popular, and we have a large selection of items from this period. Many people love the history that comes with a Victorian collectable, and who can blame them? In our collection, you’ll find silver spoons and thimbles, beautiful glassware and crystal, brass ornaments and fire tools, coins, candlesticks and even taxidermy, all dating back to this remarkable period in British history.

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