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Antique Vases

Browse our collection of antique vases and bring character to any home. Choose a pair of French Art Nouveau antique glass vases or something from our Oriental collection, including Qing Dynasty antique Chinese vases. Whatever your style, you can find an antique vase to compliment the mood and personality of every room.

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Antique vases

Antique vases are a beautiful addition to a home, with or without flowers. In the past, these unique pieces were used for many other purposes, including storage, political statements, commemorative gifts, and even as trophies filled with precious goods. These days, ornate antique vases are viewed as some of the most intricate and delicately beautiful pieces of art.

There are many differences in designs depending on the region and era of the vase. Antique Chinese vases were made of porcelain, in a time when the rest of the world was using materials such as clay, stone, and ochre. This pristine white material meant artwork could be carefully painted onto the vases. In China, delicate floral designs were painted to symbolise hope and prosperity.

In Italy, blown glass and stained glass vases represented craftsmanship and design. So, whether you’re interested in art, history, or interior design, an antique vase will be a stunning attribute, telling a fascinating story of the past.

Antique Chinese vases

As far back as 206 BC – 220 AD, the Chinese have made porcelain vases which put them at the forefront of the art form. The heat and water-resistant pottery set a new standard in vase design and decoration. You’ll find a selection of antique Chinese vases in our collection, including Ming vases. And you can also search for carefully crafted Oriental furniture to match, including some wonderful Chinese cabinets.

Antique glass vases

We offer a variety of antique glass vases, all bringing their own flair in design and individual aesthetic beauty. Enjoy the enamel painted glass vases of the British Victorian era, the iridescent finish of the Parisian Art Nouveau and the rich colours and bubble effects of authentic Italian Murano glass vases. For something newer, browse the trendy frosted finishes of our art deco vases. These vintage glass vases have a light texture and simplistic form, which work well with neutral modern furniture pieces from the 1930s onwards.