Ming Vases

Even those of us who don’t know much about Chinese history and Chinese culture are familiar with the Ming Dynasty. Arguably the last great Chinese dynasty, it ruled China between 1368 and 1644 and was a time when art and culture was thriving. Even those who are unfamiliar with antiques are aware of Ming vases and their exquisite beauty. Made from white and blue porcelain, they were prized decorative objects at their time of their creation, and are still valuable today. Discover gorgeous antique Ming vases here at Vinterior, and add a touch of Eastern luxury to any room of your home.

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Ming vases in the home

Although white and blue porcelain was not actually invented during this era, it did reach its peak of refinement at this time thanks to new recipes for clay – which allowed for thinner vessels and new styles of glaze for a pure and more translucent white as well as a glossy finish. More shapes were also introduced during this time, often taking inspiration from Islamic culture.

Colour schemes also became more exotic, so while the blue and white pieces are the most recognised, there are also many Ming vases which combine greens, reds and yellows with the original blues and whites. The designs also took on traditional images including dragons, birds and flowers.

Why choose Ming vases

Ming vases are the iconic image of Chinese porcelain and so, by association, an important part of traditional Chinese art.

Made using kaolinite, quartz, feldspar and petunse, Ming vases also often include ingredients like bone ash, glass, ball clay, alabaster and steatite.

As already seen, Ming vases are often blue and white, but may also be different bright colours too. They are, however, all glazed for decorative purposes and to prevent stains. There are many different shapes for Ming vases, but the bottle-style design is very common, something that is also attributable to Islamic art.

Whether you are a fan of ancient Chinese art and want to collect as many examples as you can find; whether you love the idea of having one of these desirable and prestigious pieces in your collection as a talking point amongst your friends; or whether you’re simply searching for dramatic and beautiful artistic vases to display in your home, antique Ming vases are sure to hit the spot.

Designed with beauty and character in mind, you’ll find that even today, their elegance and splendour shine through, reflected in the outstanding craftsmanship and exquisite attention to detail. With a personality and flair that no modern mass-produced vase from a store could copy, an authentic Ming Vase will grace your home and add an artistic edge that simply cannot be beaten.

Find Ming vases at Vinterior

Vinterior specialises in supplying stunning antique and vintage pieces that will inspire you to bring new life and beauty into every room of your home. Our collection of gorgeous Ming vases will appeal to your sense of style and elegance, and will look wonderful whether on a mantlepiece, shelf, display cabinet or pride of place on your coffee table.

Browse the Vinterior website today and discover antique decorative style that will take your home to a new level of sophistication and good taste while also bringing the past into your home.

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