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The coffee table. The perfect accompaniment to a comfortable sofa, and a chat with friends. The coffee table acts as the social centre of any living room, where family and friends gather around to chat, drink, eat and make memories. A living room just isn’t complete without one – or perhaps two! They are practical and inviting, and are a perfect place for not just cups of coffee, but vases of flowers, photos of loved ones and the morning paper. Coffee tables can break up open-plan spaces, add character to a room and add a new texture and colour to those rooms that are otherwise neutral or minimalist. Explore our stylish Art Deco coffee tables right here in our collection.

Why choose an Art Deco coffee table?

Taking the time to unwind and relax with friends is something we could all spend more time doing. But if you don’t feel that your living space is as inviting or accommodating as you would like, perhaps it is time you reconsidered your furniture choices.

If you are happy with your sofa and décor but think that there is something missing in your living room, an Art Deco coffee table could be the perfect addition. You'll find yourself enjoying your living room more than you ever have with a coffee table from this era, as Art Deco pieces often scream luxury and glamour through geometric elements and sleek lines.

1920s-1930s coffee tables

The Art Deco era was a time of opulence and decadence, and that’s exactly the atmosphere you get from Art Deco furniture, including the period’s coffee tables. You can tell an awful lot about somebody from their coffee table – perhaps more than any other piece of furniture in the home, thanks to the items you will find upon it. A person’s most important possessions can be found upon a coffee table – whether it is a well-loved book, a favourite picture of their friends of family or something simple but important like a set of keys. The Art Deco style allows you to introduce this vital addition into your living room in style, with a design that allows your coffee table to be aesthetically appealing as well as functional.

Why shop at Vinterior for an original art deco coffee table?

You can get a real sense of self from a coffee table, so it is important you purchase one that truly represents you and who you are deep inside. Fortunately, we have a wide selection of Art Deco coffee tables to choose from here at Vinterior, so we are certain you will find the coffee table that is perfect for you.

We particularly adore our wooden products from the Art Deco collection. Why? Because they are made of solid wood - entirely free from chipboard or MDF. That's what makes genuine vintage so special, you'll see materials like solid mahogany and oak have been used to craft your Art Deco coffee table, something you would struggle to find anywhere else.

The furniture you will find here at Vinterior is not a reproduction of vintage - it's the real deal. We simply don't do characterless, mass-produced furniture. All of the products you will find listed on our online marketplace are exquisitely crafted and lovingly selected, with Art Deco being no exception. The movement's focus on decadence and opulence can be seen right down to the materials used and the craftsmanship. When you purchase an Art Deco coffee table from our collection, you're investing in a piece that will last year for years and will continue to be a staple in your home for as long as you need.

We provide both old and new furniture items here at Vinterior. Browse through our Art Deco coffee table collection now to find a striking piece that will complete your living room and add beauty to your home.

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