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When furnishing any living room, a key element to consider is the coffee table. The concept of creating a table specifically for the purpose of serving drinks first arose during the mid-18th century, when tea became the most fashionable beverage of the time. These early tables were known as tea tables and they were taller than a modern coffee table. It wasn’t until the late 1800s that the first so-called “coffee table” was designed. These were made of wood and, again, many were taller than the low tables which we use for this purpose today. Some designers, however, began to take their inspiration from the low tables used in the East and so the longer, lower table that we recognise today came into being.

Glass coffee tables and their key features

While many later manufacturers and furniture designers, including those still in operation today, have taken their inspiration from earlier eras, there are no genuine antique examples of Georgian or Louis XVI-style coffee tables because they simply did not exist. It was not until the 20th century that coffee tables in their modern incarnation came into common use in living rooms, and many of the best examples come from the middle of the century.

Although many coffee tables are made solely from wood, glass coffee tables are especially popular with homeowners who are looking for a piece of furniture that will effortlessly match the rest of their interior décor. Since glass coffee tables also have a transparent top, they often have ornate or decorative legs that add extra aesthetic appeal to the room.

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Apart from the obvious similarity of a glass top, the nature of design can be varied and flexible. While some are round, others are rectangular or square, still others have an unusual curving or geometrical shape. Some have wooden legs, while others have legs made from metal or glass.

Browse our website and you will also find examples of glass coffee tables with a block base in place of legs. Many of these examples also include inbuilt storage below the table surface, sometimes in the form of a drawer and sometimes as a shelf. This allows for the convenient stowing away of items out of sight.

While some glass coffee tables have a traditional appearance, others are particularly unusual thanks to their unusual shape, construction materials or detailing.Why should I buy a vintage glass coffee table?Of course it is perfectly possible to go to a furniture store and simply buy a modern glass coffee table. After all, many furniture manufacturers today still make these versatile and attractive pieces. However, there is a distinct benefit to choosing a vintage table for your home.

Classic vintage glass coffee tables have a truly unique appearance, and bring a wealth of personality and character to any room. The right coffee table can be a focal point of your space, and a vintage piece can really add a special touch whiling bringing individual flair and personal expression into your living area.

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