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Industrial Coffee Tables

The industrial look is in vogue. With a pared-down finish, sleek lines and natural materials, what’s not to love about industrial style furniture? Bringing it right back to basics, but with some serious statement style, it’s no wonder that the industrial look has been booming in popularity in recent years. Whilst we love all kinds of industrial pieces, some of our all-time favourites absolutely have to be industrial coffee tables. Perfect for enjoying your morning beverage, entertaining guests over or simply displaying your favourite photo books and magazines, the industrial coffee table always delivers with minimal magnificence.

Our extensive range of industrial coffee tables has been hand-selected by our team of vintage furniture experts, bringing you the best designs and best quality pieces from the industrial style era. Choose from hundreds of wooden, glass or metal pieces, adorned with upcycled industrial fittings just waiting to perk up your living space. Our range brings you the best of industrial coffee tables UK and from designers further afield across Europe. No matter what your current space looks like or what your tastes are, we just know that we’ve got the perfect industrial coffee table waiting for you.

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  • What are industrial coffee tables?

    Industrial coffee tables are essentially coffee tables that exemplify industrial design style. Think easy lines, upcycled industrial fittings and innovate use of industrial materials like steel and aluminium. Industrial coffee tables perfectly capture the minimalist aesthetic derived from industrial spaces and factories, where this design trend takes inspiration from.

    Industrial coffee tables for every living space

    Our selection of industrial coffee tables comes in just about every shape, size, colour, material and style you can think of. Whether you’re after a simple brutalist-style side table or a huge wooden industrial centrepiece for your living space, we’ve got you covered. Pro tip—use the hand search filters in the sidebar to refine your search right down to the final touches, and find your perfect piece in no time.

    Looking for something with handy storage underneath? Pick one of our industrial style coffee tables with shelving or drawers where you can stash away magazines and other bits and bobs. In need of that extra bit of surface space? Why not consider a set of three nesting tables that slot together when not in use.

    Keeping it sustainable with industrial style coffee tables

    Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Shopping for industrial style coffee tables with Vinterior helps you create a more sustainable home. Many of our industrial coffee tables have been refurbished to their original state or repurposed from discarded materials such as wooden pallets and planks. This fits perfectly into the industrial furniture trend, which is characterised by raw materials such as exposed pipes, rough red brick walls and bare wood. Using recycled materials avoids quality materials ending up in landfills and recreates a beautifully functional piece for outstanding home decor.

    How to style your industrial style coffee table

    To create the full experience with your industrial coffee table, pick out a vintage coffee grinder from our vast collection of vintage kitchenalia. Serve up piping hot beverages in one of our carefully chosen coffee mugs or service sets. Want to fully embrace factory-inspired chic for a living or working space? Our industrial style coffee tables work well combined with our fantastic industrial wall art and floor lamps.

To complete that oh’so cool, edgy look that industrial style evokes, combine one of our industrial style coffee tables with some industrial shelving and seating such as a utilitarian-look armchair.

Finding the perfect pairing for your industrial coffee table

Our furniture collection combines the expertise of hundreds of collectors in the UK and beyond. Our sellers don’t just offer furniture—we’re also stockists of thousands of pieces of crockery, lamps and decorative items to help recreate the utilitarian-style aesthetic in your home.

Thanks to our detailed listings, you can find out everything you need to know about each item simply by clicking on the photo. This will take you to a description that will answer all your queries about an item’s condition, origin and materials—just like when you quiz the owner of an antiques shop!

Where to buy industrial coffee tables UK?

Browse hundreds of gorgeous tables from the 18th century to the present day in Vinteror’s eclectic range. Our collection takes in beautifully recycled pieces as well as work from prominent European designers such as Peter Ghyczy, Cees Braackman and Giovanni Offredi.