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Antique bedside tables

Choose from antique bedside tables which have been lovingly restored, or those that have stood the test of time. Each has its own unique story and was created before the days of mass production, giving you a chance to immerse yourself in craftsmanship and careful detailing.

From the mid 1500s to 1600, Elizabethan furniture styles featured plenty of carvings and were usually made from oak or fruitwood. Bulbous legs were a big feature, as noblemen tended to move around with their household furniture. The Jacobean period added rustic pine pieces, careful moulding and some Italian influences. Carved cherubs and other mythical creatures started to appear in many pieces of antique furniture.

The Restoration period ran from the mid 1600s to the 1700s and French and Dutch influences started to take hold in English furniture design. You may find foliage carvings and veneer in pieces from this period, as well as antique French bedside tables. The Queen Anne period brought in Japanese finishes, while the Georgian era was an age of furniture manufacturing and with it some designer names. Chippendale, Sheraton and Hepplewhite antique bedside tables are still sought after today.

Regency furniture is ideal for those wanting to add ornate designs to their antique bedside tables, when influences from ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome started to make an entrance. Finally, Victorian furniture gave us a rise in wealth and a more diverse range of furniture styles. Function and style blended with rounded corners and high gloss. By Edward VII’s reign, machines were regularly used to create furniture and styles like art nouveau were introduced.

For more modern styles you can also browse our art deco bedside tables, or our full collection of vintage bedside tables.

Styling antique bedside cabinets

Antique bedside cabinets are a versatile piece of furniture and, despite their name, aren’t only for the bedroom. Pair them with an antique sofa or lounge chair in the living room, use them to hold decorative objects in a larger room, or keep them in the bedroom. Antique bedside cabinets tend to use darker woods so can be well paired with other furniture from the same period, including antique beds.