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Vintage Bedside Tables      

Make your sleep space even more special, with unique vintage bedside tables that look great and give you somewhere to put bedtime essentials. Create a coordinated and elegant look with a matching pair of tables or get creative and choose different styles at either side for a charming look that’s unapologetically unique.

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Vintage bedside tables: a bedroom essential

Every bedroom needs a vintage bedside table. Small but mighty, these are amongst the handiest items of furniture. Whether it’s scattered with spare change or perfectly pristine, a bedside table is an essential addition to any bedroom.

Vintage bedside tables can fit in the tiniest of spaces and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, which means it’s easy to find one that measures up. Most have a drawer or two, but a vintage bedside cabinet makes even better use of space by incorporating a handy cupboard in the design.

In really cramped rooms, a long, tall nightstand with lots of drawers can give the illusion of height. Giving you extra storage, additional surface space and instantly enhancing the look of your bed, what’s not to love?

Why go vintage for your bedside table?

Everyone wants their home to be unique, and cookie-cutter contemporary furniture isn’t the way to go. Choosing vintage bedside tables means you're guaranteed to own a piece of furniture few others do. And what stories they could tell!

Whether it’s a one of a kind cabinet or a pair of tables by an iconic designer, your vintage bedside tables are sure to have a rich history spanning decades.

Our vintage bedside table collection is an eclectic and exciting mix including simple mid-century designs, traditional Edwardian nightstands, shabby chic styles and everything in between. You’ll even find upcycled vintage bedside tables which put a fresh twist on a classic design to create something totally new and unique.

How to style a vintage bedside table?

Yes, vintage bedside tables are practical. But did you know they can be pretty, too? Sitting either side of the bed, these items can take centre stage and take your sleeping space from simple to stunning.

You might want to leave the surface of your bedside table clear for books, water and anything else you could need in the night. In this case, let the table do the talking and keep accessories to a minimum.

If you want to make a statement with your vintage style bedside table or create a more luxurious look around the bed, then top your table with beautiful vintage accessories like picture frames, flowers, candle holders and a carefully curated selection of books. Finish with a beautiful pair of table lamps that give light for reading and create the perfect relaxing ambience.