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Antique Chinese Cabinets

Are you intrigued by the ornate furniture from China that is so on trend at the moment? Here at Vinterior we’ve handpicked an exquisite collection of antique Chinese cabinets that include rare hand crafted wedding cabinets, elm medicine cabinets, and more. Chinese furniture, with its red lacquered facades, lattice framed glazing, and ornate metal embellishments can bring sophistication to your home. With nearly a hundred handpicked Chinese cabinets to choose from, you’re sure to find your perfect piece.Eager to find a focal point for your living room? A pair of apothecary cabinets could add interest and intrigue to your space. In need of a truly bespoke storage solution? An opulent hand-painted antique Chinese cabinet with imagery that evokes the Ming dynasties of centuries ago will keep your home clutter-free and provide a sustainable way to keep your home organised.Shop with Vinterior and you can source the perfect antique Chinese cabinet for your renovations or for the latest commercial brief you need to meet. Explore our curated collection below.

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Why choose an antique Chinese cabinet from Vinterior?

Chinese cabinets are wonderfully functional storage units. Yet the styling and appearance of Chinese cabinets is often quite different from that of a British or European cabinet. Often they include illustrations, artwork and intricate detailing that you would not find on a European antique. Entire scenes are frequently depicted on cabinetry with precious stones and intricate metalwork not only utilised on hinges and handles but even woven into the artwork itself. Over the centuries, the trends in Chinese antiques have, of course, evolved and changed. And this can be seen in the type of palette used during different periods of time. Blacks, dark greens and deep reds may be found on cabinets from the late 19th and early 20th century, while lighter colours were more prevalent in previous generations. In places, you will find flowers added to cabinets and these images may need brighter colours such as pinks, gold and yellows. In most cases, these cabinets are made with rosewood or redwood. The bold red colour can sometimes be left in its natural state or it can be lacquered. On other occasions, the wood is carved with ornate detail to be admired. Sometimes the carving can be extensive and cover the whole cabinet.

The benefits of buying a Chinese cabinet

When you buy a Chinese cabinet, you don’t just buy an aesthetically beautiful item to enhance a room, you also buy into another culture and its history. Unlike a modern flat-pack cabinet, choosing an antique piece means adding character and a new narrative to your home – something that will certainly make for a conversation starter when you invite guests round to visit. Hand in hand, this means that your antique Chinese cabinet is a unique item. We often find ourselves owning the same items of furniture as our neighbours and friends but by buying a unique piece such as a Chinese cabinet, you can guarantee that won’t be the case. It will be something only you get to enjoy every day. It is worth remembering that choosing to buy older items of furniture is also good for the environment. Rather than adding to the demand for new items made from new materials, you can find a place in your home for a heritage piece rather than draining natural resources by purchasing a newly manufactured item. You'll also find daring adornments in our collection too. Top your Chinese antique piece with a striking Chinese table lamp, oriental jewellery box, an antique Chinese vase or a distinguished oriental vase.

Shop for Chinese cabinets with Vinterior

If the features and benefits of a Chinese cabinet have made you consider one of these beautiful items, then it’s time to browse our collection here at Vinterior. With a national network of antique sellers and boutique shops featured on our website, there is nowhere better to find a stunning Chinese cabinet. Explore our range now and find your inspiration.

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