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French Antique Cabinets

For many people, the idea of antique furniture immediately conjures up images of the 18th Century French court, with its magnificent style and opulent elegance. French styling is the epitome of antique sophistication and has led to even modern furniture manufacturers trying to incorporate many of the key elements of traditional French design into their contemporary mass-produced ranges. Some of the finest examples of continental design are the antique French cabinets that you can find within Vinterior’s carefully curated edit.With polished walnut burrs, bevelled glazing, and stunning compartments, every French antique cabinet is unique. Perfect for displaying your book collection, travel momentos and the kids’ sports trophies, a French cabinet, with its rich history, has decades of life left in it.One of the reasons why French style furniture is so popular is the attention to detail shown by the original craftsmen. In the past, furniture-making was not just a career path but also an artform, and the idea of design for beauty as well as practicality was widespread. Even rustic furniture was created to be aesthetically pleasing as well as robust and practical. Small wonder, then, that antique and vintage French cabinets are such a popular choice in both traditionally themed and contemporary homes. With a sense of style that demands attention, they not only create a focal point in any space, but they also bring a touch of luxury that takes the homeowner straight back to a bygone era of chic and sophistication.Explore our beautiful French cabinets below and be inspired by antique pieces.

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French antique cabinets for sale at VinteriorAll too often, modern cabinets are minimalistic and characterless. Designed to showcase the items inside rather than being a thing of beauty themselves, they can easily fade into the background in any room. Meanwhile, antique French cabinets are a work of art to be admired in their own right. The hallmark of a French cabinet is solid robustness paired with deceptively delicate-looking detailing. Often featuring narrow, tapering legs with curving lines and scrolls, French display cabinets are often made using dark, high quality, polished wood and frequently have inlays or gilding to add extra glamour. French display cabinets come in many styles, sizes, colours and shapes. Some have been painted, some have double doors and others are single cabinets. Overall, however, the effect is one of a bygone era of effortless chic.Pair your French cabinet with a French sofa or chest of drawers to complete your continental look.The benefits of buying antique French cabinetsIf you are wondering why you should pay the extra for a vintage or antique cabinet, one look at an original piece will make it clear why the investment is worth it. Filled with a character and flair which no mass-produced item could possibly hope to capture, an original French cabinet has a personality and authenticity all of its own. There is no better way to bring a sense of history and a touch of the past into your home than with a traditional piece of fine French vintage or antique furniture. Since antique and vintage pieces were also made at a time when furniture was made to last, you can also have the benefit of adding a long lasting display cabinet to your home that will continue to withstand the test of time. Discover Vinterior’s range of gorgeous French display cabinets and bring heritage into any room of your home.Antique French cabinetsVinterior has a beautiful selection of antique French cabinets in a variety of sizes, styles and shapes to suit any home. Whether you’re looking for inspiration to design the perfect antique or vintage interior, or whether you simply wish to add a little bit of character to a room that is feeling a little neutral and underwhelming, a French cabinet is sure to transform your space.Work in the furniture trade?Are you a trade seller or buyer with antique French furniture you wish to feature on our online marketplace? Find out more about registering as an official Vinterior trade seller here or join our free Trade Program here.

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