Antique Cocktail Chairs

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Antique Cocktail Chairs are a recent feature and design to the furniture world and have especially boomed in online marketplaces and the high street.
This is a favourite for interior designers and for fantasizers of the bar-at-home look.
They are distinct, unique and renowned as a special and sophisticated evening chair for maturer occasions. They embody the beauty over blandess, crafted over the commoditised over and the unique over the uniform.
As they are often made in velvet or luxurious materials, it is best to keep them out of touch from pet or family busy areas. No need for stains or muck in your Vinterior-curated home!

The Origins of the Antique Cocktail Chair

Cocktail chairs became prominent in the 1950s. They embody the finest example of modernist design. The Bartholomew cocktail chairs were produced in Germany in the 1950s, with tapered legs typical of the period and a plain curved back that hugs you as you recline. There was also the ‘Heart Chair’ designed by Brøndbyøster Møbel in the 1950s for Trævarefabrik. Simpler designs are available too, with big name brands such as Parker Knoll manufacturing cocktail chairs in their trademark clean style.

The style of the Antique Cocktail Chair and how to use it

How to use an antique cocktail chair in your home?

Deeply upholstered and comfortable, the cocktail chair is much more than a simple dining room seat but not as large or plush as an armchair. This makes it a fun and versatile addition. A space-saving design, it’s popular in rooms that are more compact, offering comfort without taking up unnecessary space. If you want to expand your seating and want a chair that fits in well with the rest of your decor, a cocktail chair could be the answer.

How to style an antique cocktail chair in your home?

Cocktail chairs are available in many different colours and sizes but overall, they tended to be significantly smaller than an armchair, with a splayed low back that stopped at shoulder level. The seat was heavily padded and the legs of the chair were visible and wooden; some styles also came with armrests but these weren’t common.
Their small size and elegant shape of a low, rounded and curved back with short legs suit many interior styles. They are great as a statement piece for any room of the house. This style suits best the mid-century aesthetic which is the number one selling style on Vinterior.