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Georgian Armchairs

An armchair can add an important touch of relaxation and calm to your home. Armchairs perform well in a quiet corner of your living room, a study or a library. An armchair is somewhere to be alone with your thoughts or a book, and we believe that as time alone is a luxury in our busy lives, there should always be a place for a beautiful armchair in your home. Is there anything better than whiling away a peaceful Sunday in a plush armchair, and maybe indulging in a short afternoon nap? With an elegant Georgian armchair you can turn an empty space into a sanctuary in no time.

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Why choose a Georgian armchairPerhaps the most iconic Georgian armchair is the leather Chesterfield wingback armchair. This famous piece of furniture carries the classic Georgian look, combining grandeur with comfort. Our Georgian armchairs can often be found with matching footstool – an equally attractive piece of furniture that beautifully complements the armchair. Or else, it is possible to mix and match styles, colours and textures so that your home becomes a more eclectic and less uniform place.Entertaining had started to become very popular in the Georgian period. More and more people were inviting friends into their homes and as a result, it became vital to design an attractive living space that was inviting and welcoming, and also encouraged conversation. Comfortable seating with eye-catching designs and a powerful aesthetic quality made Georgian living spaces a joy to be in. Harmony and symmetry became features that were expected in all elements of furniture and design, and you’ll notice that all Georgian furniture carries symmetrical qualities.But don’t think that this makes Georgian furniture boring – the flourishes and small details add wonderful character to your Georgian armchair, and you’ll thoroughly enjoy admiring your Georgian armchair from any point in the room.Our Georgian armchairs wouldn’t look out of place in a royal household, or a large stately home. The sense of wealth and luxury that comes with a Georgian armchair was very popular in its time – it was important for Georgians to showcase their luxurious lifestyles and their membership as an upper class citizen.Today, Georgian armchairs actually look particularly stylish when they are entirely out of place, in an average sized living room with modern and contemporary décor. This has been an interesting development in the use of the Georgian armchair in a home. They will always suit the grander, larger home too, but as a standalone vintage piece in a more minimalist modern-day household, the Georgian armchair can add a touch of character and personality.Why choose antique Georgian armchairs?Due to the exquisite craftsmanship and sturdy materials, you can be sure that this is a comfortable armchair you will enjoy for many years. It is as practical as it is beautiful. Armchairs today are, frankly, not built in the same way as they were back in Georgian times.Antique furniture brings a magic and sense of identity to your home that a new product from your local high street simply can’t replicate. A dinner party conversation starter and a statement piece, choosing a Georgian armchair will show that you are truly house proud and have an eye for interior design.Browse through our collection now to find a Georgian armchair that will bring you comfort, luxury and joy for many years to come.Work in the furniture trade?Are you a trade seller or buyer and you want to feature on our online marketplace? Find out more about registering as an official Vinterior trade seller here or join our free Trade Program here

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