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Antique Lounge Chairs

Our antique lounge chairs have the ability to bring you as much joy and satisfaction as they did for their very first owners over 100 years ago. Our exclusive range of antique lounge chairs has variety at its heart. Whether you’re looking for a simple 19th century piece with very intricate and clearly regal designs or slightly more modern chairs that will easily fit with your style, we have you covered.

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Antique lounge chairs

No antique lounge chair is the same. They’ve been must have pieces of furniture for decades, which blend comfort, design and style for the perfect addition to your living room, bedroom or nursery. Each of the pieces in our collection is over 100 years old and brings its own story and sense of history to your home. The careful craftsmanship can be seen in every piece, with each offering a sense of the times it was created in.

Choose from a set of lounge chairs to place beside an antique fireplace or find a beautiful style with ornate fabric as a centrepiece.

Styling antique lounge chairs

The beauty of an antique lounge chair is that it can be styled in order to fit any kind of room. Whether you’re aiming for it to be the first thing people see when they enter or a simple but authentic edition to a room, you’ll find one within our collection.

Pair your lounge chair with a beautiful antique sofa or chaise longues for an antique feel. Or add different styles into the mix. Shabby chic, art deco and rustic furniture all work well with our antique lounge chairs. And because the antique period covers anything over 100 years old, there are plenty of different styles to choose from.

Antique chaise longues chairs

Chaise longues have long been associated with decadence, comfort and aristocracy. They’re a beautiful addition to a sitting room, bedroom, dressing room or even a large bathroom. As a type of lounge chair they’re typically comfortable and usually ornate, making them perfect centrepieces.