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If you’re looking for something a little unusual to add to your home, you might want to think about choosing a vintage wooden ladder. It’s the ideal way to add that extra character to your space and raise you up a few rungs in your friends’ estimation. Whether you choose to use it for its original purpose or whether you prefer to turn it into a creative display unit or shelf, a vintage wooden ladder can create an interesting focal point in your social spaces, attracting attention for all the right reasons.

Why choose a wooden ladder?

Of course, a vintage ladder was designed with an original purpose in mind. But in today’s modern home there’s no reason why you can’t be a little more creative with the way you use your climbing equipment. Old wooden ladders can of course, be used for their original purpose, which makes them ideal for use in a library or workshop, but they can also be upcycled and used for display purposes, to support shelving or create a unique wall feature in your home. Unlike modern metal ladders, an old wooden ladder can add to the charm of a space – perhaps adding to a rustic vibe in a country farmhouse or adding a an extra touch of urban chic to an industrial setting.

Choosing a wooden ladder

If you’re keen to buy a vintage wooden ladder, you may well find that there are more options than you might think. From a classic wall ladder to a vintage wooden step-ladder to a rope ladder, there are plenty of different styles, sizes and colours that can bring a unique and fun flavour to your household.

Some wooden ladders have been upcycled and painted, while others have already been turned into a ready-made shelving unit to decorate your kitchen, living room or other space. Others are in their original condition and are ready to be used for any purpose you have in mind. When choosing the right antique wooden ladder for you, you need to consider whether you want an extending model, a small step ladder, a rope ladder to mount to the wall or ceiling or a tall treaded step ladder. You might also need to consider the depth and angle of the treads, especially if you’re planning to turn the ladder into a storage unit or shelf.

Incorporating a vintage wooden ladder into your home

When it comes to incorporating an antique ladder into your home, there are a surprising number of possibilities. One of the best ways to use a vintage ladder in your home is to fix it to your bathroom wall for use as an eye-catching towel rack – uplifting an otherwise, plain and sterile environment in many cases. Or, why not use a ladder as an unusual piece of wall art for an indoor or outdoor space.

Wooden step ladders are also popular with homeowners looking for unusual, rustic and stylish furnishings for a contemporary living room, dining area, bedroom or even kitchen. By simply adding some wooden boards, you can turn a simple step ladder into a shelf or display cabinet that will attract attention for all the right reasons.

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