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Ladderax units are highly sought-after pieces of furniture, very distinctive and an incredible engineering concept that made its way from functional storage to high-level classic furniture. The clue is in the name – these pieces are designed around the concept of ladders. Very modern, exceptionally functional and almost infinitely flexible in use, Ladderax pieces are one to catch the imagination and can lead to some impressive design statements! Here at Vinterior we know how hard it can be to track down the items you are looking for – assuming you know what you are looking for in the first place! Some come with definite shopping lists, some come with vague plans, some come with design concepts and some come with a blank palette and use Vinterior to help them fill, plan and design it. Ladderax pieces may well be one of those pieces you hadn’t seen before, but our merchants and vendors can help you look at ways to use them that may change you whole thought process!

Ladderax features

British designed Robert Heal was the first to really see the value in taking the engineering structure of the ladder and using it to provide functional storage solutions. In common with may of the designers of the time, clean lines were ‘en vogue’ and the Ladderax concept fitted perfectly into that idea. Whilst some designers were moving to gentle and flowing curves, Heal was looking at making his pieces ever straighter – removing all curves and gentle angles and replacing them with angular corners and direct joining lines.

Ladderax is distinguished by upright ladders, supported shelves and cabinet storage. Functional design, held in place with steel rods and an innovative system of hooks and grooves to keep everything in place. This also led to the flexibility of the system – if the hooks could be repositioned, then every part of the Ladderax system could be customised around the need of the owner. Even easier, these designs were self-supporting and did not wall-fixings or other supports.

Whilst these items may sound to be more on the side of ‘functional’, they were created using materials to make them perfectly suited to the mid-century styles of the time. Teak cabinets, glass doors, steel rods – these Ladderax items were suited to the home and the office at the same time. They have stood the test of time, but it’s always worth being sure that the hinges and fittings are in good condition – after all, they have been built, moved, modified and used for many years. All of the sellers here at Vinterior will list any imperfections or issues on their descriptions for you to make a considered decision.

Why choose Ladderax?

Ladderax is perfect for storage – but don’t stop there. It makes a strong statement in any home or office. Providing adaptable, modular storage and display space, a Ladderax unit is not limited to simple racking or shelving. The use of the glass front cabinets – or removing the doors for open-fronted box storage – can give options for lighting, mirrors and setting the juxtaposition of modern and mid-century items.

Remember these are modular and free-standing – if you want to change the build every single week, that’s possible! However, in reality it means that you can change your Ladderax unit depending on your needs as they change and evolve. If you acquire larger ornaments or need more (or less) storage, the Ladderax piece can change to reflect those needs.

There is also no need to check that everything is level – because of the system of grooves and hooks, the system is naturally inclined to be level. This means you have speed and ease of construction and modification – no drills, screwdrivers, tools or levels.

Shop for Ladderax with Vinterior

To get Ladderax units you would usually have to do some research and call around various dealers and furniture boutiques. We’ve taken the time and stress out of your search through our marketplace. If a Ladderax unit isn’t for you then why not browse our marketplace anyway? We have other furniture to choose from.

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