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SPRING SALE up to 50% off 65,000+ products

Ladderax Shelving

Ladderax modular shelving is highly sought-after. Distinctive and an incredible engineering concept, Ladderax shelves have made their way from functional storage to high-level classic furniture. The clue is in the name – these pieces are designed around the concept of ladders. Very modern, exceptionally functional and almost infinitely flexible in use, Ladderax shelving catches the imagination and can lead to some impressive design statements.Here at Vinterior we know how hard it can be to track down the items you are looking for. Some come with definite shopping lists, some come with vague plans, some come with design concepts and some come with a blank palette and use Vinterior to help them fill, plan and design it. Ladderax pieces may well be one of those pieces you hadn’t seen before, but our merchants and vendors can help you look at ways to use them that may change your whole thought process.Explore Ladderax-style shelving below.

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Ladderax shelving features

Ladderax was invented by a British designer for Staples, named Robert Heal. Coming from the Danish/Scandi influence of the time, his focus was to remove all curves and work with angular edges and straight lines – functionality with classic design features that were crafted to outlast the changes in fashion. Ladderax modular shelving is embodied by the simple concept of two end pieces (ladders), held together with steel rods. Between the two end-ladders are shelving, storage units, cupboards – but all interchangeable and moveable owing to the innovative system of grooves and hooks. The modular format and flexible structure means that the overall impression can be symmetrical or asymmetrical – the final appearance was limited only by imagination. The wood used is generally teak, which is naturally beautiful and synonymous with mid-century design. Thanks to the eye-catching and complex grain, teak shelves are usually left unpainted and simply varnished or stained to bring out the grain and pattern. The units can also be set with glass doors – using the steel/glass appearance popular at the time as they provided clear, straight, angular appearances.

Is Ladderax still made?

Ladderax is no longer made. Its final year of trading was 1987. While Ladderax attempted a relaunch in 2016, this was not a success. As such, vintage Ladderax is more sought-after than ever.

Does Ladderax need to be fixed to the wall?

The key benefit of Ladderax is that it self-supports, unlike its Scandinavian counterparts. Freestanding, they lean against a wall and support their own weight. This ingenuity makes this storage solution incredibly popular.

Why choose Ladderax shelving?

Ladderax is a fun and quirky way to make a statement – something that is not always easy to achieve when we talk about storage. Ladderax shelves have infinite uses from kitchen to living room to lounge to office space. As these do not require wall fixings, they can be moved around the room and the home, depending on your design needs. Even once in place their configuration can be modified to reflect your changing storage and display needs. These are quick and simple to assemble and will complement your home no matter where you put them. Ladderax-style shelving has even been featured in hit T.V. shows. The ‘Mad Men’ TV series about 1950s/1960s advertising executives used Ladderax in both home and office environments. The mid-century modern look, demonstrating a classic appearance rather than the retro look of the time, shows a more luxurious, richer living style.

Shun the sameness and explore something more sustainable and exciting for your storage at home. Take a foray in Ladderax today.

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