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From the Victorian style oil lamps to the modern clean lines of the ‘70s “bendy neck” lamps, there’s always a desk lamp from history to inspire you and help you finish your look. Many of the oldest desk lamps that you can still buy today were converted to electricity from oil, to make them safer and more usable in the modern environment – but they still send out a very clear statement of classic design from a bygone period. If a vintage piece is something you are looking to add to your home, why not take a look at the vintage desk lamps avaiable here at Vinterior?

Why choose a vintage desk lamp?

A vintage desk lamp can evoke many mental images: the working desk lamp in the office space, the desk lamp of the bedroom, illuminating homework or reading books. It can also be the desk lamp to give focus to crafts, such as sewing. Or it may be the desk lamp which gives just enough light to read by, focusing a single beam so that the rest of the room can stay in subdued light.

Desk lamps are integral components of a room from a practical perspective – they are incredibly important for reading, writing and for general lighting. Desk lamps may be found in all rooms, including the living room, bedrooms and of course the study. A desk lamp may seem diminutive and inauspicious, perhaps understated in the role it plays in a room’s assemblage, but throughout history desk lamps and indeed other lighting have made for a unique source of inspiration and innovation for designers.

Love the Art Deco style and want to make a bold statement in your home study or living room? Why not select a stunning 1920s Pirouette lamp or perhaps a matt black Erpe factory desk lamp. If you want to be a little more mid-century modern and with a flash of colour, look for something eyecatching like a 50s Cocotte desk lamp in yello – a popular choice at the time and still beautiful today.

Incorporating a vintage desk lamp in the home

One of the great benefits of vintage desk lamps is that they can do a lot to elevate or transform the style in your home. If your décor is otherwise neutral and perhaps even a little bland, selecting an Art Deco desk lamp will instantly create a focal point and add intrigue for any guests who come to visit. Love the clean minimalist look but feel that your home might be lacking a little bit of colour and charisma? A brightly coloured lamp can go a long way as an accent piece. Match your lamp with soft furnishings such as cushions and throws and you can really make a difference.

Whether you are a fan of shabby chic or industrial, the rustic approach or a funky retro vibe, there is a desk lamp for every taste here at Vinterior.

Shop for retro, vintage desk lamps with Vinterior

Here at Vinterior we have a huge selection of desk lamps from across the 20th century and beyond. Thanks to our incredible network of more than a thousand boutiques and independent sellers, our range is diverse and varied, helping you to enjoy greater choice than you would find anywhere else.