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Table Lamps

Green Table Lamps

Creating a stylish, practical, and inspiring home office is paramount to keeping your work-from-home vibe high and your output at 110%. Whether you’re an established remote worker simply looking for a new piece to spruce up your space or a work-from-home newbie just setting up, why not give your home office a bold sense of style with a vintage green lamp?Historically, green table lamps are among the better-known desk lighting. We probably all conjure up an image of a racing car green glass shade, suspended on a brassy foot. Yet, as you will discover in the Vinterior collection, green table lamps come in all shapes, sizes and shades. Add a vintage green table lamp to your space as a lovely way to introduce a splash of invigorating colour to your home office set up.Shop dozens of pre-owned green lamps—each handpicked by a trusted seller—at Vinterior today.

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Vintage green table lamps for sale at Vinterior

There are many vintage green lamps for sale at Vinterior. Of course, the traditional green visor lamp, known to populate traditional desks, features in the collection. There are also many others, from industrial enamel lamps (in every shade of green from racing car to apple) to sculptural postmodern designs. Discover your perfect vintage green lamp at Vinterior today.

The history of the green table lamp

Green table lamps are often associated with traditional settings such as banks, members’ clubs and libraries. In the first half of the 20th-century, they were used in particular by bank clerks. Why? Fluorescent lighting, now used to light up large working spaces, had not yet been invented. Interestingly, the green shade, sometimes followed by amber, was used because it provided a warm glow - protecting the workers’ eyes from the harsh glare of the lightbulb, a still radical invention at the time. If these green table lamps were not available, the worker would sometimes wear a pair of green eyeshades to help.

Choosing a vintage green lamp

Green is a life-giving colour, inspiring calm and focus, and connecting our minds to the natural world. Just what you need when working for long hours at a desk. What better way to introduce a dose of this to your desk than with a vintage green lamp? A colourful lamp is a brilliant style statement and will make for an arresting presence on any desk. If you have a beautiful spacious walnut or mahogany desk, why not grace it with a traditional ‘bank clerk’ green lamp? Or if your desk is a bit more compact, choose a playful mid-century green lamp - many of which are designed with space-saving capacities.

How to find vintage green table lamps

Finding good quality vintage and antique green table lamps can be difficult if you’re not an expert yourself. That’s where Vinterior comes in — we feature pieces from thousands of trusted sellers of antique, vintage, reclaimed and bespoke furniture. So, what are you waiting for? Get browsing our listings today and find the perfect green table lamp for your home office.

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