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The vintage cigarette case gives off a certain classic statement. While a cardboard packet is perfectly functional, the style conscious person prefers to store their belongings in a case that has its own story to tell. Harking back to the 1950s, a silver cigarette case is a classic design statement – engraved with initials or a name, emblazoned with a family crest or corporate image, a vintage cigarette case is a throwback to a bygone era. Think back to the vintage films where the leading man reaches into his pocket and pulls out a shiny cigarette case, flips it open and offers one. Casual style with high impact is the aim here and vintage cigarette case is going to tick all of those boxes. Browse our collection now.

Why choose vintage cigarette cases?

Cigarette cases are popular accessories among smokers. That said, they might be made of valuable metals, enhanced with artistic inscriptions, jewels, and monograms. Peter Carl Fabergé, who is famous mostly for his Fabergé eggs, also designed and developed exquisite cigarette cases from gold and decorated them with gems for the Tsar family, some of which have a worth of up to £25,000.

Functionality is obviously key when choosing a cigarette case. Most of the vintage cigarette cases available in the market today combine both functionality and style. This means that they are mid-sized to fit into your pocket and crafted in a vintage style to spice up the look. As a cigarette smoker, it is important to have a case that can hold several cigarettes and prevent them from getting crushed or getting wet as you carry them in your pocket or bag. To add to the storage function of the cases, look for a stylish vintage cigarette case to bring out your taste and style.

A vintage cigarette case could be made of any material, with the most common material being metal. Chinese and Japanese vintage cigarettes are mostly made of silver and bear artwork, making them rare exports in the antique markets. These cigarette cases could also be made of classic wood to bring that vintage style. Lately, cigarette case designers have adopted plastic as a material for manufacturing cigarette cases. Leather is also a material that can be used to good effect.

What to look for from vintage cigarette cases

The majority of vintage cigarette cases are made of silver, wood or leather. They tend to be mid-sized and capable of holding up to 16 king size cigarettes. Such a cigarette case would be perfect for storing roll-ups and can hold up to 20 slimline roll-ups. Vintage cigarette cases obviously come with character and taste. They are accessories that bring out an individual character and taste in an instance. They are also perfect pieces to boast that edge of innovation and creativity and generally a feel-good item to own – just like a tasteful watch or stylish wallet.

Regarding convenience, most vintage cigarette cases are spacious enough to hold the entire sum of cigarettes in a box. It saves you the hassle of constantly transferring your cigarettes from one box to the other by putting them into your own case.

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At Vinterior, we are dedicated to giving the most stylish vintage cigarette cases, ranging from mid-century to latest designs. We believe in giving you the best feel whenever you want to have a smoke. Explore our online marketplace today and enjoy the range of vintage cigarette cases on show.